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Retro Achievements are on their way! (Teaser)

Jason Carr

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Hey all, just a quick teaser so you guys don't think I'm being lazy over here. ;)

Currently working on implementing Retro Achievements, which is a slightly bigger undertaking than a lot of things, so that's why the next beta is taking a while to come out. Here's a quick teaser though; look at the game details sidebar on the right:

5a0c94af9c2a7_LaunchBoxRetroAchievements.thumb.jpg.c070f43ab02ff2691bf0ba593847a1ef.jpgThis is still early, but this is the general approach I'm hoping to go with, for LaunchBox at least. I have the retroachievements.org API implemented, now I'm just getting it integrated into the LaunchBox interface. There's a lot that can be done, but for starters, we're going to focus on letting you view your achievements and available achievements in the game details sidebar. Let me know your thoughts. :)

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Just now, ALIE said:

Just out of curiosity is this like a deal made with them? Are they aware.  Because this is gonna be seriously cool 

They're smart and they implemented an API early on to do exactly what we're looking to do. I did get the conversation started over there, but haven't received a response yet: http://retroachievements.org/viewtopic.php?t=5527

I have no doubt though that they won't have any issues with it. This is pretty much exactly the use case they're looking for I think. :)

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