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Aeon MQ7 [Preview Version]


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Aeon MQ7 [Preview Version]

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This is a loose port / interpretation of the Aeon MQ7 skin for Kodi. It’s one of my absolute favorite skins for Kodi and was a huge inspiration for my first BigBox theme: CriticalZone

After @NJDave71 already brought Aeon Nox to BigBox I thought it would be time to bring Aeon MQ as well.

This theme was designed for 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios and tested on 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 resolutions!

This is just an early preview version that I built last September. Due to my new job I hadn’t much time to finish it up as an extensive theme like CriticalZone. I used the holidays to polish the Views that I already had as I don’t want to just sit on it any longer and I have definitely planned to add a ton of new Games Views to this, but I don’t know when I will find the time to do it. So for now just take it as it is and tell me what you think about it and what do you wish for potential updates. :)

This theme currently features 4 Platforms and 3 Games Views.



How to install:

1.    Just download the archive and extract it to:  “..\LaunchBox\Themes\”

2.    Go to the “Plugins” folder inside of the extracted folder and right-click on of the .dll file. Choose Properties -> Click on “Unblock” at the bottom of the window. Close the window. If the "Unblock" button isn't there than you are already good to go.

3.    Open the Options menu in BigBox -> go to “Views” and change the Theme to "Aeon MQ7".

IMPORTANT: This theme requires at least LB v9.4 to work properly!


Showcase video of the Game Views by @pipes78


I like to thank the following persons for their indirect help to create this theme:

@eatkinola for his guide on how to add fonts as a plugin

And of course everyone who was working on the original Aeon MQ skin!



Known issues:

- The navigation for the game boxes doesn’t work in the Horizontal Wheel Platforms View 1

- The available space for the horizontal scrolling text gets smaller the higher the DPI settings are on your PC.


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@CriticalCid I just wanna say what you did with the wall view is amazing.

The view never really appealed to me until now :D..

Maybe this is something that goes across all themes (cant remember) but i feel lie i have seen it before. Maybe i am just noticing because the theme is so good it made me see the little things. but console and handheld game count says 0.

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I just realized I Posted a comment on the file, rather than here. I love this theme, well done!

Issue for me is fanart doesn't show in any view where it should, and platform and game videos don't show. I can hear the audio, but nothing shows. See screenshots attached.

Thanks :) (Please ignore my file comment)




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I have absolutely no clue what could cause this. Maybe there’s something odd with your BigBox settings, so I suggest it’s worth a try to set them back to default.

Close BigBox and go to your data folder inside your LaunchBox installation and move the “BigBoxSettings.xml” to a different folder. BigBox will automatically create a new settings xml file with the default settings when the settings file is missing in the data folder on the next startup.

If that doesn’t help and you want to restore your old settings just move the old xml file back to the data folder and replace the newly created one with it.

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On 12/29/2017 at 8:35 PM, CriticalCid said:


@ALIE Unfortunately that's not possible right now but I agree that this would be a great addition. Maybe @Jason Carr can look into it?

Actually, I'm pretty sure this is possible with a plugin by checking if the game is selected and changing the background fill value to the color of your choice if true. The theme would then just need a box slightly thicker than the game image with a default fill of null. No?

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