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  1. Theme videos for the legend of Zelda

    These are Theme videos That I thought would make a nice addition to @Suhrvivor's set.

    These are the ones I've made so far.
    List of games: 
    1. Zelda no Densetsu - The Hyrule Fantasy
    2. Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2
    3. BS Zelda no Densetsu Kodai no Sekiban 1
    4. Legend of Zelda - Tears of the kingdom
    5. Link's Crossbow Training
    6. Hyrule warriors Legends
    be sure to check out Suhrvivors set here:

    What other themes to expect in the future: 
    Zelda - Wand of Gamelon
    Link - the faces of evil
    Zelda's adventure
    Hyrule warriors
    Hyrule warriors Definitive edition
    the legend of Zelda 64 - ocarina of time :  master quest
    Tingle's Balloon Fight DS
    Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love
    Freshly-Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland


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  2. Collections_only_a_few

    I only recently got into front ends. I needed a small handful of collection clear logos for my android and handn't yet found this site. Sorry for variety in sizes. Enjoy.


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  3. Mcfly Platforms + Playlists with Images | 2022.08 (1011 count) | “Do You Think He’s Maybe Compensating For Something?”

    Hey everyone, me again.
    This will be my last upload for likely a considerable while as I've reached a few personal milestones that I wanted to achieve. I'm scaling back my efforts for the foreseeable future,
    I'm happy with what I have... for now.
         Current count - 510 Platforms, 501 Playlists.
    I've included all my Data files, excluding my license file.
    Platform and Playlist images included.
    Sorry the file is big...
    .Videos.xml (a collection of all the videos from all platforms, themes, etc. I wanted this to see what the games looked like directly from a single place.) 3D Groove GX.xml 3D NES.xml 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.xml 3DVIA Player.xml AAE (Another Arcade Emulator).xml Aamber Pegasus.xml Acorn Archimedes.xml Acorn Atom.xml Acorn Computers.xml Acorn Electron.xml Acorn Risc PC.xml ActiveX.xml Adventure Game Studio.xml Alambik.xml Aleck 64.xml Aleste 520EX OS.xml Alf TV Game.xml Altos Computer Systems.xml American Laser Games.xml Amstrad CPC.xml Amstrad GX4000.xml Android (Bluestacks) OS.xml Android.xml APF Imagination Machine.xml APF MP1000.xml Apogee BK-01.xml Apple I.xml Apple II.xml Apple IIGS.xml Apple Lisa.xml Apple Macintosh.xml Applied Technology Microbee.xml Apricot PC-XI.xml Aquaplus P-ECE.xml Arcade Music Trivia Challenger.xml Arcade.xml Arduboy.xml Atari 2600.xml Atari 5200.xml Atari 7800.xml Atari 8-Bit.xml Atari Falcon.xml Atari Flashback.xml Atari G42.xml Atari GX2.xml Atari Jaguar CD.xml Atari Jaguar.xml Atari Lynx.xml Atari ST.xml Atari STE.xml Atari TT.xml Atlus.xml Atmosphere.xml Authorware.xml AXEL Player.xml Bally Astrocade.xml Bandai Apple Pippin.xml Bandai Denshi MangaJuku.xml Bandai Playdia.xml Bandai RX-78.xml Bandai Super Vision 8000.xml Bandai WonderSwan Color.xml Bandai WonderSwan.xml Banpresto.xml BBC Ceefax.xml BBC Microcomputer System.xml Benesse Pocket Challenge V2.xml Benesse Pocket Challenge W.xml Big Fish.xml Bit Corporation Gamate.xml BitPlayer.xml Bondwell Model 12_14 OS.xml Bondwell Model 2.xml Brezzasoft Crystal System.xml Burster.xml Camputers Lynx.xml Canon X-07.xml Capcom 68000.xml Capcom Play System 1.xml Capcom Play System 2.xml Capcom Play System 3.xml Capcom Sony ZN.xml Casio CFX 9850.xml Casio Loopy.xml Casio PB-1000.xml Casio PV-1000.xml Casio PV-2000.xml Cave.xml CDC110 OS.xml ChaiLove.xml CHIP-8.xml CoinOps FE.xml Coleco Adam.xml Coleco Telstar.xml ColecoVision.xml Comad Co.xml Commodore 128.xml Commodore 64.xml Commodore 65.xml Commodore Amiga 1000.xml Commodore Amiga 1200.xml Commodore Amiga 2000.xml Commodore Amiga 3000.xml Commodore Amiga 4000.xml Commodore Amiga 500.xml Commodore Amiga 600.xml Commodore Amiga CD32.xml Commodore Amiga.xml Commodore BX256-80HP OS.xml Commodore C16.xml Commodore CDTV.xml Commodore MAX Machine.xml Commodore PET.xml Commodore Plus 4.xml Commodore VIC-20.xml Convergent Technologies AWS & NGEN OS.xml Cult3D.xml Cybiko Xtreme.xml Cybiko.xml Daphne.xml DEC PDP.xml DEC Rainbow 100 OS.xml DEC VT-180 OS.xml DeepV.xml Dendy 750 in 1.xml Diamonds 3 Micro FE.xml DICE.xml Doujin.xml Dragon.xml DreamGEAR.xml EACA EG2000 Colour Genie.xml Elektronika BK.xml Emerson Arcadia 2001.xml Enterprise 64 & 128.xml Entex Adventure Vision.xml Entex Electronic Baseball.xml Eolith Gradation 2D System.xml Epoch Game Pocket Computer.xml Epoch Super Cassette Vision.xml Epson PX-8.xml ETL Mark II.xml ETL Mark IV A.xml ETL Mark IV.xml Examu Ex-Board.xml Exelvision Exeltel.xml Exelvision EXL 100.xml Exidy Sorcerer.xml eXoDOS.xml Fairchild Channel F.xml Fightcade FE.xml Final Burn Alpha.xml Final Burn Delta.xml Final Burn Neo.xml Flash (Flashpoint).xml Flash.xml Flashpoint 10.1 Ultimate FE.xml Fujitsu FM Towns Marty.xml Fujitsu FM-7.xml Fujitsu FMR.xml Fukutake Studybox.xml Funtech Super Acan.xml Future Pinball.xml Galaksija Plus.xml Galaksija.xml GamePark GP2X.xml GamePark GP32.xml GameWave.xml GCE Vectrex.xml GoBit.xml GOG (Good Old Games).xml Handhelds.xml Hartung Game Master.xml Hector HRX.xml Hewlett-Packard HP 48.xml HiVE.xml HomeLab.xml HTML5.xml Hyper Electronic Games.xml Hypercosm.xml Hyper-G.xml IBM Compatibles.xml IBM System_360 OS.xml IBM.xml IcarOS.xml IGS - International Games System.xml IGT Slots.xml Infocom.xml Interact Family Computer.xml Interton VC 4000.xml Irem M27.xml Irem M52.xml Irem M62.xml Irem M72.xml Irem M92.xml Irem M97.xml ITV Teletext.xml Java (Flashpoint).xml Java.xml Jupiter Ace.xml Kaneko.xml Kaypro.xml Keio University K-1.xml Konami Bubble System.xml Konami e-AMUSEMENT.xml Konami Picno.xml Konix MultiSystem.xml Leapfrog - Leapster Learning Game System.xml LiveMath.xml Locomalito.xml LowRes NX.xml Lucas Nascom I & II.xml Lutro.xml Luxor ABC 1600 OS.xml Luxor ABC 80.xml Luxor ABC 800.xml Lviv PC-01.xml Magnavox Odyssey 2.xml Magnavox Odyssey 3000.xml Magnavox Odyssey 4000.xml Magnavox Odyssey.xml Matra and Hachette Alice.xml Matsushita National JR.xml Mattel Aquarius.xml Mattel Hyperscan.xml Mattel Intellivision.xml Mega Duck.xml Memorex VIS.xml Memotech MTX512.xml Microkey Primo.xml Microsoft MSX TurboR.xml Microsoft MSX.xml Microsoft MSX2.xml Microsoft MSX2+.xml Microsoft Xbox.xml Microvision.xml MITS Altair 8800.xml MS-DOS.xml MUGEN.xml Multiple Fruit Machine Emulator.xml Namco ES3A.xml Namco NA-1.xml Namco NB-1.xml NCR Decision Mate V.xml NEC APC OS.xml NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx.xml NEC PC-6001.xml NEC PC-8001.xml NEC PC-8801.xml NEC PC-88VA.xml NEC PC-9801.xml NEC PC-9821.xml NEC PC-FX.xml NEC TurboGrafx-16.xml NEC TurboGrafx-CD.xml Nesica x Live.xml Nichibutsu My Vision.xml Nichibutsu.xml Nintendo 3DS.xml Nintendo 64.xml Nintendo 64DD.xml Nintendo Amiibo.xml Nintendo DS.xml Nintendo DSi.xml Nintendo Entertainment System.xml Nintendo e-Reader.xml Nintendo Famicom Disk System.xml Nintendo Game and Watch.xml Nintendo Game Boy Advance.xml Nintendo Game Boy Color.xml Nintendo Game Boy.xml Nintendo GameCube.xml Nintendo iQue.xml Nintendo NES.xml Nintendo Play-Yan.xml Nintendo Pokemon Mini.xml Nintendo Satellaview.xml Nintendo SNES MSU-1.xml Nintendo SNES.xml Nintendo Sufami Turbo.xml Nintendo Super Game Boy.xml Nintendo Switch.xml Nintendo Virtual Boy.xml Nintendo Wii U.xml Nintendo Wii.xml Nintendo WiiWare.xml Nokia - N-Gage.xml North Star Advantage OS.xml Nuon.xml Octree View.xml OpenBOR.xml Osborne.xml Othello Multivision.xml Otrona Attache OS.xml Ouya.xml Pademonium Cinematics.xml (more videos) Palm Pilot.xml Panasonic 3DO.xml Parsec FE.xml Pecom 64.xml Pel Varazdin Orao.xml Phantom System.xml Philips CD-i.xml Philips P2000.xml Philips VG 5000.xml Philips Videopac+ G7400.xml Philips Videopac+.xml Pico-8.xml Pinball FX2.xml Pinball FX3.xml Pioneer Palcom LaserDisc.xml Play3D.xml Pocket Dream Console.xml PopCap Plugin.xml Popcap.xml Project Blank.xml ProtoPlay.xml Pub Fruit Machines.xml Pulse.xml Quiz Machines.xml Radio 86RK Mikrosha.xml Radio 86RK Partner.xml Radio 86RK YuT-88.xml Raine FE.xml Raw Thrills.xml RCA Studio II.xml RCA Superchip.xml REBOL.xml ResidualVM.xml Retro Arcade Neon FE.xml RetroBat FE.xml RetroFE.xml RM Nimbus PC-186.xml Robotron HC900, KC85 2, KC85 3 & KC85 4.xml Robotron KC Compact.xml Robotron Z1013.xml Robotron Z9001 & KC85 1.xml Run _n_ Gun.xml SABA Videoplay.xml SAM Coupé.xml Sammy Atomiswave.xml Sammy Seta Visco SSV.xml Samsung SPC-1000.xml Sanyo MBC-550 & 555 OS.xml ScummVM.xml Sega 32X.xml Sega Ages 2500.xml Sega Beena.xml Sega CD.xml Sega Chihiro.xml Sega Dreamcast VMU.xml Sega Dreamcast.xml Sega Europa- R.xml Sega Game Gear.xml Sega Genesis.xml Sega Hikaru.xml Sega Lindbergh.xml Sega Mark III.xml Sega Master System.xml Sega Mega CD 1+2.xml Sega Mega Tech System.xml Sega Megadrive MSU-1.xml Sega Model 1.xml Sega Model 2.xml Sega Model 3.xml Sega Naomi 2.xml Sega Naomi.xml Sega Nomad.xml Sega Pico.xml Sega Ring Edge.xml Sega Ring Wide.xml Sega Saturn.xml Sega SC-3000.xml Sega SF-7000.xml Sega SG-1000.xml Sega ST-V.xml Sega System 16.xml Sega System 18.xml Sega System 24.xml Sega System 32.xml Sega Triforce.xml Sega VR.xml Sega X Board.xml Sega Y Board.xml Seibu Kaihatsu.xml Seihou Project.xml Sharp MZ Family.xml Sharp X1.xml Sharp X68000.xml Sharp X68030, 2000.xml ShiVa3D.xml Shmups.xml Shockwave.xml Silverlight.xml Sinclair PC200.xml Sinclair QL.xml Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2.xml Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3.xml Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128.xml Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16.xml Sinclair ZX Spectrum.xml Sinclair ZX-80.xml Sinclair ZX-81.xml SNK Neo Geo AES.xml SNK Neo Geo CD.xml SNK Neo Geo MVS.xml SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color.xml SNK Neo Geo Pocket.xml SNK Neo Geo.xml Sol-20 Terminal Computer.xml Solarus.xml Sony Ericsson K800i.xml Sony Net Yaroze.xml Sony Playstation 2.xml Sony Playstation 3 - FE (RPCS3).xml Sony Playstation 4.xml Sony Playstation Vita.xml Sony Playstation.xml Sony PocketStation.xml Sony PSP Minis.xml Sony PSP.xml Sord M23 OS.xml Sord M5.xml Spectravideo SV-318-328.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System.xml TAB Quizard.xml Taito Systems.xml Taito Type X.xml Tandy TRS-80 MC-10.xml Tandy TRS-80 Model 100.xml Tandy TRS-80 Model 4.xml Tandy TRS-80 Model I.xml Tandy TRS-80 Model III.xml Tangerine Microtan 65.xml Tangerine Oric Atmos.xml Tapwave Zodiac.xml Tatung Einstein.xml TCL.xml Technos Arcade.xml Tecmo.xml TeknoParrot FE.xml Telenova Compis.xml Terak 8510A & 8600 OS.xml Tesla PMD 85.xml Texas Instruments CC-40.xml Texas Instruments TI-73.xml Texas Instruments TI-80.xml Texas Instruments TI-81.xml Texas Instruments TI-82.xml Texas Instruments TI-92.xml Texas Instruments TI-99 4A.xml Thomson MO5.xml Thomson TO7.xml Thomson TO8.xml Tic-80.xml Tiger Electronics.xml Tiger Game.com.xml Tiger Gizmondo.xml Tiki-100.xml Timex Sinclair.xml TinyGiant HT68k SBC OS.xml Toaplan.xml Tomy Pyuuta.xml Tomy Tutor.xml Toshiba Pasopia.xml Toshiba Visicom.xml Touhou Project.xml Tremor Games.xml Ultimate Doom.xml Unico Electronics.xml Unity.xml University of Cambridge EDSAC.xml Uzebox.xml Vector-06C.xml Victor 9000 _ Sirius 1.xml Video Challenger.xml Video System Co.xml VideoBrain Family Computer.xml Videoton TV Computer.xml Virtual Reality.xml Viscape.xml Visual Pinball.xml Visual Technology Visual 1050.xml Visual WebMap.xml Vitalize.xml VMWare.xml Voxatron FE.xml Voxatron.xml VRML.xml VTech CreatiVision.xml VTech Laser 200.xml VTech Laser 2001.xml VTech Laser 310.xml VTech Socrates.xml VTech V.Smile.xml Wang.xml WASM.xml Watara Supervision.xml Windows 3x.xml Windows.xml Wolfenstein 3d Mods.xml WonderSwan.xml WoW Action Max.xml Xara Plugin.xml Xerox 820 OS.xml Yamaha Copera.xml Zeebo.xml Zilog MCZ-2 OS.xml ZiNc.xml Zorba OS.xml Playlists:
    [BIOS].xml 5 STARS.xml Adventure Games.xml Alien Collection.xml All Arcade.xml All Atari.xml All Commodore.xml All Games.xml All Microsoft OS.xml All Nintendo.xml All Sega.xml All Sinclair.xml All Sony.xml All Sport Games.xml All Windows PC Games.xml Amstrad CPC - 1. Best of Gold.xml Amstrad CPC - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Amstrad CPC - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Amstrad CPC - The Best.xml Amstrad GX4000 - The Best.xml Apple III.xml Arcade - Atari.xml Arcade - Bally _ Midway.xml Arcade - Capcom.xml Arcade - Data East.xml Arcade - Konami.xml Arcade - Namco.xml Arcade - Neogeo.xml Arcade - Sega.xml Arcade - SNK.xml Arcade - Taito.xml Arcade - Toaplan.xml Arcade - Williams.xml Arcade 2-Player Games.xml Arcade 4-Player Games.xml Arcade Ace.xml Arcade Acorn Computers.xml Arcade Amcoe.xml Arcade American Laser.xml Arcade AMI.xml Arcade Amstar.xml Arcade Apple Computer.xml Arcade Aristocrat MK6.xml Arcade Aristocrat MKV.xml Arcade Aristocrat.xml Arcade Astra.xml Arcade Astro.xml Arcade Atari Classics.xml Arcade Ball & Paddle Games.xml Arcade Bally Midway.xml Arcade Bally.xml Arcade Banpresto.xml Arcade Beat Em Ups.xml Arcade BFM.xml Arcade Board & Card Games.xml Arcade Capcom Classics.xml Arcade Capcom Play System II.xml Arcade Capcom Play System III.xml Arcade Capcom Play System.xml Arcade Cave.xml Arcade Cinematronics.xml Arcade Comad.xml Arcade Commodore.xml Arcade Data East Classics.xml Arcade DECO Cassette System.xml Arcade Epoch.xml Arcade Exidy.xml Arcade Fighting Games.xml Arcade Flying Games.xml Arcade Gaelco.xml Arcade Gottlieb.xml Arcade Greyhound Electronics.xml Arcade IGS.xml Arcade Incredible Technologies.xml Arcade Irem Classics.xml Arcade Jaleco.xml Arcade Kaneko.xml Arcade Konami Classics.xml Arcade Konami System 573.xml Arcade Konami Viper.xml Arcade Leland.xml Arcade Light Gun Games.xml Arcade Mattel.xml Arcade Maze Games.xml Arcade Mazooma.xml Arcade Merit.xml Arcade Midway Classics.xml Arcade MultiGames.xml Arcade Namco Classics.xml Arcade Namco System 1.xml Arcade Namco System 11.xml Arcade Namco System 12.xml Arcade Namco System 2.xml Arcade Namco System 22.xml Arcade Namco System 23.xml Arcade Namco System 246.xml Arcade NEC.xml Arcade Neo-Geo MV-6F.xml Arcade Nichibutsu.xml Arcade Nintendo Classics.xml Arcade Nintendo PlayChoice-10.xml Arcade Nintendo Super System.xml Arcade Nintendo.xml Arcade NMK.xml Arcade Nova.xml Arcade Novotech.xml Arcade Platform Games.xml Arcade Playmatic.xml Arcade Puzzle Games.xml Arcade Qps.xml Arcade Racing Games.xml Arcade Rhythm Games.xml Arcade Roland.xml Arcade Romstar.xml Arcade Run & Gun Games.xml Arcade Sammy.xml Arcade Sega Classics.xml Arcade Sega G80.xml Arcade Sega Model 2.xml Arcade Sega OutRun.xml Arcade Sega ST-V.xml Arcade Sega Super Scaler.xml Arcade Sega System C.xml Arcade Sega System E.xml Arcade Sega SystemSP.xml Arcade Sega VCO Object.xml Arcade Sega Vic Dual.xml Arcade Seibu Kaihatsu.xml Arcade Seta.xml Arcade Shoot Em Ups.xml Arcade Shooter Games.xml Arcade SNK Classics.xml Arcade SNK Neo Geo MVS.xml Arcade Sports Games.xml Arcade Stern Electronics.xml Arcade Stern.xml Arcade Strata.xml Arcade Sunsoft.xml Arcade Taito Classics.xml Arcade Taito Corporation.xml Arcade Texas Instruments.xml Arcade Toaplan.xml Arcade Universal.xml Arcade Visco.xml Arcade Williams Classics.xml Arcade Yamaha.xml Arcade Yun Sung.xml Arcade Zaccaria.xml Atari 2600 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Atari 2600 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Atari 2600 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Atari 2600 - The Best.xml Atari 5200 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Atari 5200 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Atari 5200 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Atari 5200 - The Best.xml Atari 7800 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Atari 7800 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Atari 7800 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Atari 7800 - The Best.xml Atari Jaguar - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Atari Jaguar - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Atari Jaguar - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Atari Jaguar - The Best.xml Atari Lynx - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Atari Lynx - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Atari Lynx - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Atari Lynx - The Best.xml Atari System 1.xml Atari System 2.xml AVGN.xml Back To The Future.xml Bally Astrocade - The Best.xml Batman Collection.xml Best Exodos games.xml Best of Adult Swim.xml Best of VS fighters.xml Best Windows games.xml BMX Collection.xml Cartoon Capers!.xml Casino Games Collection.xml Castlevania Collection.xml CHD Required.xml Classics.xml Cola Wars.xml ColecoVision - 1. Best Of Gold.xml ColecoVision - 2. Best Of Silver.xml ColecoVision - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml ColecoVision - The Best.xml Commodore 264.xml Commodore 64 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Commodore 64 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Commodore 64 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Commodore 64 - The Best.xml Commodore 900.xml Commodore Amiga - 1. Gold Games.xml Commodore Amiga - 2. Silver Games.xml Commodore Amiga - 3. Bronze Games.xml Commodore Amiga - The Best.xml Contra Collection.xml Daewoo CPC OS.xml DEC 150, 300, 500 OS.xml Disney Collection.xml Donkey Kong Collection.xml Double Dragon Collection.xml Dual Stick Games.xml Educational Games.xml Emerson Arcadia 2001 - The Best.xml eXoDOS 3dfx Games.xml eXoDOS Games with CGA Composite.xml eXoDOS Games with Gravis Ultrasound.xml eXoDOS Games with MT-32.xml eXoDOS Games with Sound Canvas.xml eXoDOS Remote Multiplayer.xml Fairchild Channel F - The Best.xml Fatal Fury Collection.xml Fighter Classics.xml Fighting (Arcade 3D).xml Fighting Games.xml Final Fantasy Collection.xml First Past the Post.xml Flash Food.xml Flashpoint Hall of Fame.xml Flashpoint Super Hall of Fame.xml Frogger Collection.xml FUCK!.xml Fuuki.xml Gaelco.xml GCE Vectrex - The Best.xml Golden Age Games.xml Hacked Games.xml Halloween Haunts.xml Harry Potter Collection.xml Hasbro.xml Hentai.xml Hidden Gems.xml Homebrew.xml Horror Games.xml Hot Java Beans.xml Installed eXoDOS Games.xml Intellivision - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Intellivision - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Intellivision - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Intellivision - The Best.xml James Bond 007 Collection.xml Jet Set Willy Collection.xml Jingle Jollies.xml King Of Fighters Collection.xml Konami Collection.xml Legend of Zelda Collection.xml Mario Collection.xml Mature.xml Mcfly_s Favorite Systems.xml Mega Man Collection.xml Metal Gear Collection.xml Metal Slug Complete.xml Metroid Collection.xml Mindset PC.xml Mitchell Corporation.xml Molleindustria_s Recommendations.xml Mortal Kombat Kollection.xml Motor Games.xml Movies.xml MS-DOS - 1. Best Of Gold.xml MS-DOS - 2. Best Of Silver.xml MS-DOS - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml MS-DOS - The Best.xml MSX - 1. Best Of Gold.xml MSX - 2. Best Of Silver.xml MSX - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml MSX - The Best.xml Music Games.xml Namco Collection.xml Neo Geo - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Neo Geo - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Neo Geo - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Neo Geo - The Best.xml Neo Geo Pocket - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Neo Geo Pocket - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Neo Geo Pocket - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Neo Geo Pocket - The Best.xml NES Black Box.xml Nintendo 3DS -  The Best.xml Nintendo 3DS - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo 3DS - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo 3DS - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo 3DS - Top 20.xml Nintendo 64 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo 64 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo 64 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo 64 - The Best.xml Nintendo 64 - Top 100.xml Nintendo 64 - Top 20.xml Nintendo 64 - Top 50.xml Nintendo DS - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo DS - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo DS - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo DS - The Best.xml Nintendo DS - Top 100.xml Nintendo DS - Top 20.xml Nintendo DS - Top 50.xml Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 100.xml Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 20.xml Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 50.xml Nintendo Game & Watch - Top 10.xml Nintendo Game & Watch - Top 5.xml Nintendo Game Boy - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo Game Boy - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo Game Boy - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo Game Boy - The Best.xml Nintendo Game Boy Advance - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo Game Boy Advance - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo Game Boy Advance - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo Game Boy Advance - The Best.xml Nintendo Gameboy - Top 100.xml Nintendo Gameboy - Top 20.xml Nintendo Gameboy - Top 50.xml Nintendo Gameboy Advance - Top 100.xml Nintendo Gameboy Advance - Top 20.xml Nintendo Gameboy Advance - Top 50.xml Nintendo Gameboy Micro.xml Nintendo Gamecube - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo Gamecube - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo Gamecube - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo Gamecube - The Best.xml Nintendo Gamecube - Top 100.xml Nintendo Gamecube - Top 20.xml Nintendo Gamecube - Top 50.xml Nintendo NES - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo NES - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo NES - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo NES - The Best.xml Nintendo Super Game Boy 2.xml Nintendo Virtual Boy - The Best.xml Nintendo Virtual Boy - Top 10.xml Nintendo Wii - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo Wii - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo Wii - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo Wii - The Best.xml Nintendo Wii - Top 100.xml Nintendo Wii - Top 20.xml Nintendo Wii - Top 50.xml Nintendo Wii U - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Nintendo Wii U - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Nintendo Wii U - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Nintendo Wii U - The Best.xml Nintendo Wii U - Top 20.xml Nintendo WiiWare - The Best.xml Odyssey 2 - The Best.xml Origin.xml Outrun Collection.xml Pachinko.xml PacMan Collection.xml Panasonic 3DO - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Panasonic 3DO - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Panasonic 3DO - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Panasonic 3DO - The Best.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx 16 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx 16 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx 16 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx 16 - The Best.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx CD - 1. Best Of Gold.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx CD - 2. Best Of Silver.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx CD - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml PC Engine & TurboGrafx CD - The Best.xml PC-FX - 1. Best Of Gold.xml PC-FX - 2. Best Of Silver.xml PC-FX - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml PC-FX - The Best.xml Philips CDI - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Philips CDI - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Philips CDI - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Philips CDI - The Best.xml Pico Gr8s.xml Pinball Arcade.xml Pinball Collection.xml Player-Produced Perils.xml Playstation 1 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Playstation 1 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Playstation 1 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Playstation 1 - The Best.xml Playstation 2 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Playstation 2 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Playstation 2 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Playstation 2 - The Best.xml Playstation Portable - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Playstation Portable - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Playstation Portable - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Playstation Portable - The Best.xml Pokemon.xml Pool and Billiards.xml Prince of Persia Collection.xml Prototypes.xml PSiKYO.xml Published by Activision.xml Published by Atari.xml Published by Atlus.xml Published by Electronic Arts.xml Published by Nintendo.xml Published by Sega.xml Published by Sony.xml Quake.xml Rage for the Ages.xml RDI Halcyon.xml Resident Evil Collection.xml Retro Learning Pack.xml Role Playing Games.xml Sandbox Games.xml ScummVM - 1. Best Of Gold.xml ScummVM - 2. Best Of Silver.xml ScummVM - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml ScummVM - The Best.xml Sega 32X - The Best.xml Sega CD - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega CD - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega CD - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega CD - The Best.xml Sega CDX.xml Sega Dreamcast - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega Dreamcast - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega Dreamcast - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega Dreamcast - The Best.xml Sega Game Gear - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega Game Gear - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega Game Gear - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega Game Gear - The Best.xml Sega Genesis - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega Genesis - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega Genesis - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega Genesis - The Best.xml Sega Master System - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega Master System - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega Master System - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega Master System - The Best.xml Sega Saturn - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega Saturn - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega Saturn - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega Saturn - The Best.xml Sega SG-1000 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sega SG-1000 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sega SG-1000 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sega SG-1000 - The Best.xml Sharp X68000 - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Sharp X68000 - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Sharp X68000 - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Sharp X68000 - The Best.xml Shockwave Shockers.xml Simpsons Collection.xml Slots Collection.xml SNK NeoGeo CD_Z.xml Sonic The Hedgehog Collection.xml Sony SMC-777 OS.xml South Park Collection.xml Space Invaders Collection.xml Spiderman Collection.xml Spinner Games.xml Spinner Racing Games.xml Star Wars Collection.xml Strategy Games.xml Street Fighter Collection.xml Super Nintendo - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Super Nintendo - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Super Nintendo - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Super Nintendo - The Best.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 100.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 20.xml Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Top 50.xml Superheroes.xml Tasselfoot_s Favorites.xml Technos.xml Tomb Raider Collection.xml Tony_s Favorites.xml Toys to Enjoy.xml Trackball Games.xml UK Teletext Services.xml UK.xml Unreleased.xml Vertically Oriented Games.xml Visual Novel Games.xml Windows - Best of Bronze.xml Windows - Best of Gold.xml Windows - Best of Silver.xml Wolfenstein Collection.xml Wonderswan - 1. Best Of Gold.xml Wonderswan - 2. Best Of Silver.xml Wonderswan - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml Wonderswan - The Best.xml Wrestling Games.xml Years - 1970s.xml Years - 1980s.xml Years - 1990s.xml Years - 2000s.xml Years - 2010s.xml Years - Pre 1970s.xml Years - Unknown.xml Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection.xml Yun Sung.xml ZX Spectrum - 1. Best Of Gold.xml ZX Spectrum - 2. Best Of Silver.xml ZX Spectrum - 3. Best Of Bronze.xml ZX Spectrum - The Best.xml  
    I'm missing a few playlist images for some VMWare titles and some newer Arcade 'X' playlists, I'll get around to them. The rest, I think, are there. Let me know if i'm missing anything else, or if you have something better.

    Comments welcome.
    Thanks everyone for all your comments and guidance throught the last 5 years, I really appreciate the passion and enthusiasm the community has shown. It has all helped me enormously.     
                                                                                                                                 Game on.


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  4. Arcade Neon Logos (Recent/Hiscores/Genre/all games/favorites)

    Nothing much here, just a little contribution.
    I'm using the @Mr. RetroLust wonderful Neon Deluxe Arcade theme and i wanted some 80's neon arcade logo for my mame playlist to match the theme, so i thought i'd share it in case some people would be interested.



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  5. The Best of Nintendo - A combination of playlist and theme

    I present a labor-of-love. It is a project that I have been working on for a while. It is part-theme and part-playlist.
    Basically, it's a historical look through Nintendo's console history with playlists designed to capture the best of every release (in 20, 50, and 100 game lists). Included in the zip file are customized clear logos, XML playlist files, and downloaded Youtube commercials.
    The Best of Nintendo - Please check out the video and let me know what you think.
    *I started by aggregating data into spreadsheets for each console. Based upon review scores, polls, and web lists, I created my own lists of the best, most important, successful, or under-appreciated games for each console. Spreadsheets with sources here. 
    Best of Nintendo Home Consoles
    Best of Handheld Consoles
    If you feel these lists are criminally incorrect, please let me know.
    *I created clear logos for each playlist. I used a variety of sources from the web and the clear logo collection in the Unified theme pack as starting resources. I haven't used Photoshop in quite a while, but it was fun getting back into it. If you have any requests or suggestions regarding the logos, please let me know.
    *Then I scoured Youtube seeking interesting and funny commercials for each platform. Clearly, I could not find many of them in high quality. For many videos, I had to edit out intros or outros. Apologies to original uploaders for not giving proper credit. If anyone has suggestions or higher quality versions of these commercials, please let me know.
    *Grabbed general console information from Wikipedia - slight editing.
    *Used a combination of the excellent Unified theme, Coverbox theme, Famicom theme , and BG Clean theme for the game lists.
    *Obviously Game & Watch is not a real top 10 - I'm still waiting on Mame to start emulating some of the more popular releases.
    *Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are limited to top 20 for now. Also waiting for emulation to catch up with these newer platforms.
    *Big thanks to Colpipes78 for the great set-ups, implementing Rocket Launcher, media, roms, and making my life (and many others) a thousand times easier. 
     I hope some of you find parts of it useful.
    Next - Sega or Sony?



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  6. Nes Game With achivements.xml

    Here is a playlist file for the nes Games that have achivements
    Put in your LunchBox \Data\Playlists Folder


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  7. Nintendo Classic Editions Banner and Clear Logo

    In the spirit of the newly announced Super NES Classic Edition, I decided to make two playlists for each of these Classic Edition releases since the actual console will inevitably be impossible to obtain. I made a custom banner for each playlist in the same style of the beautiful @reignstumble artwork pack. Enjoy and please share any improvements!


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