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  1. it is my recommendation that this tool is not to be used with Launchbox.. It's makes quite a mess of your XMLs... liek I said earlier.. seemingly random placement of </launchbox> and after fixing that you consistently get parsing errors with messages like xml data at the root is invalid or Extra Content at end of document.. this needs to be updated.. so please either take it down before some other nOOb destroys his database
  2. It spits out seperate ones... so that's not it. anyway I can fix this... I thought I'd just post it here. so the author knows whats up. I wanted to use this tool because it promises me that it will split up my mame collection into CAVe, ZYNC, CAPCOM play thingy, NEOGEO etc.. which is waht I want... and not a huge un navigatible blurry mis mash of arcade games.. there was a price to pay however..
  3. Excellent work Nielk! my suggestion: DOOMWorld - > Launchbox ======================= Tile -> Title size -> special - file size date - > release date Author -> Developer/ publisher Description -> notes Etc ?
  4. and in other it appends data after the </LaunchBox>
  5. What I see is that it fails to properly close the <LaunchBox> element of the xmls it touches. it's a minor inconvenience
  6. same here. very sad. I don't even understand why it did that.. why did it touch my scummVM xml...I'm very dissapointed,
  7. You build it modular... so you could use the interface for your other scrapers?
  8. I PM 'd vlansix regarding DB bulk entries. Thus far I have not received an answer, So I will post it here. the ScummVm platform on the DB is non exsistent. I have a complete set of compatible games including the latest entries. However, lots of those game games have been matched from the DB but their mapped to either MS-DOS or Windows or APPLE II, and I wonder. 1. those games that have been matched to the DB, a. if I wanted to add game to DB will it update the current id - I suspect it will - If it does I need to break the current mapped ID b. will it create a new instance of t
  9. I'm looking forward to your next post. on the side, you mentioned a hyperspin theme interpretor. that would be a nice addition. do you know emubox? it's an opensource hyperspin-esq front end.. I'm not sure if it has been abandoned but the remnants of it can be found here. https://github.com/LukeMcDonnell/EmuBoxFE/releases
  10. not to sound demanding or know-it-all-y but, I've seen a different doomworld scraper that had a rather horrible error handling. when it was bulk scraping it dropped the batch when encountering an error. If I may be so bold as to ask for feature like logging and resume on error.? in my head it would log the filename that it couldn't find with the error message.
  11. so I should definitely start with c++ So earlier you mentioned that you wanted to get the scraper working at the level needed. what info are you going to let it scrape? title, ? developer ? description -> note ?
  12. I'm in process of learning to code.. picked up c++, I think C# is similar to some degree. Here are the 4:3's Wheel.7z
  13. I ah awesome , be sure to provide a link, what are you writing it in, in case I want to fork it. I think I might still have the originals on a mega somewhere I'll have a to check.
  14. not all r That's great! most of the WADs are zipped using the same filename. this was done for accurate and easy finding of the wad on doomworld. however the gameplay mods, like brutal doom, brutal doom 64 or doom 4 doom, are not stored on doomworld. but have their own moddb entry. so those will have to be added manually. still there are exceptions when I ran a scrape through wadmanager not all wads were found. maybe they are ill named or maybe the doomworld api returned a denial of service because of the rapid querying. This is set IS awesome, I do recommend it be used through Rock
  15. Such interest. "wow klop, tell us more about this amazing collection" Allright I will, This Collection is a tribute to the amazing work that has been put out by DooM community over a time period of 27 years! Isn't it amazing ? what other games have such a loyal following that it's still being actively developed after 26 years! Seriously, that's amazing. This Collection is the best of best. The cacowards is a community prize that is given to the creators of the best wads released that year. I'm very excited because it's nearing december and the winners will be announced! For LB I'm
  16. Greetings, Yesterday I submitted 5 mini games based sci1.1 engine to the gamesdb. I used the handy "add games to DB" plug-in written by @UnderwoodNC. These games are Mini-games based on the various franchises sierra had in 1992. and these are all playable in through scummvm. (and dos) However I found out that internally LB has a mini-games genre present but the gamesdb does not. so the script paused and when i wanted to mend the situation, the script continued, and filled out the most top genre that was presented in the dropdown list So my question is, could a mini-games genre be a
  17. Hi, I'm working on porting the The Ultimate Single player Doom experience to Launchbox. This project, originally a labour of love by Zero Jay and later worked on by me, is the best of single player Wads that Doom Community has to offer. The Doom Community have held an annual event where they declare the best wads of that year. It's called the cacowards. https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ . and it's absolutely amazing. The set was made for Hyperspin, so it has a Hyperspin database, which you can't use in Launchbox sadly. but, Id has an Archive API, and most of these wads are store
  18. there are usualy detailed notes in the modules of Rocketlauncher that will help you through the setup process. if you find the module for Visual pinball in click on notes it will display these. Firstly it helps if you setup VP correctly outside of RL This article is extensive and will help you http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=1 The notes in the RL module reads as follows: These notes are found the Visual PInball.ahk, and can be found in .\Modules\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.ahk folder I hope this helps.
  19. Greetings and great work on these. I have a small request though. Could you make one that features Doom exclusively ? I'm working on porting the Hyperspin Cacowards Doom Collection to LB. For source material and perhaps an Enrichment of your collection, I recommend starting with this link. https://zerojay.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/zbGHCHwwS07JJ81 This pack includes: Wheels, per wad video's, a system video, hyperspin themes, a copy of source ports used in the collection, Modules for Rocketlauncher, rocketlauncher media
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