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Like the Hikaru! The Lindberg & 2 'rings are a bit hard to read. Maybe an outline or outer glow? Just my personal preference. Now if i could only get demul to go fullscreen on Hikaru, but that's a different topic. :)


Edit: And was beaten to it. 

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10 minutes ago, Klopjero said:

Ah but, my little sparrows, the Outerglow is already there... faintly. enough to make it stand out.. to me atleast.

I seen it i seen it. 


After I made the image fullsize... ?

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I wanted to throw a few more relevant (to me) characters on some banners. i really wanted no game titles on the platform banners but i also wanted a colourful banjo to represent the n64 and all i could find was the box art, nothing with the text removed.

I've changed all the backgrounds to black which i think made a few things really pop. works fine for the banner style platforms as seen below because theres a border around all the colour. not so good in the 3rd picture down as theres nothing to give it a border on that view. i use the game details view in image number 4 as its easier to scroll, doesnt need a border there although i think i may ask on the theme forum itself how i can change the black background on the game banner page to white so it has the border effect if i wanted to switch to that view in future.

i edited the pause screen logo to reflect my changes also.

I love this theme, i'm in no way an expert, just tinkering to suit what i think looks alright. Cheers @faeran, brilliant.




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forgot a couple things
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