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  1. Hi, do you know how to enable the video playback in the original Retrorama theme, rather than just displaying screenshots?
  2. Hi, is there any way that you could remove the fake scanlines on the plain black bezels?
    Excellent stuff, I love the textures on the bezels.
    Excellent stuff and love the Snes TopGear music :0)
  3. Great stuff. I would echo what the review says with regards to adding additional backgrounds and screens according to taste. Keep up the good work and I look forward to what you do next.
  4. Hi, yes I have about 10 different themes in play, with different themes for different platforms. I have noticed that some themes, which I don't use now used to stutter at 1080p too.
  5. Hi all, My BigBox is silky smooth at 1080p, however, at 4K the preview videos run in slow motion, i.e. they look as though they are playing at 15fps. I don't have any issues playing 4K games or videos using both VLC or Windows Media Player (i7 and 1080ti). As soon as I switch back to 1080p everything runs smoothly again. Please can anyone advise on what might be the issue? Thanks Comet988
  6. Great video, and the fact that it doesn't have 'Harryoke Productions' over the top of it makes it even better.
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