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View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox

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View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox

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View MAME High scores in Game Details - A plugin for LaunchBox/BigBox

Use this plugin to see a games top 3 high scores in the Game Details.



  • Shows high scores for most games in your Arcade platform in the Game Details.

After playing a MAME Arcade game that saves its' high scores [and is supported by the included hi2txt program], this adds a Custom Field called "Hi-Scores" to the game.  It will store 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and appear in the Game Details when the game is selected.


What's needed

  • (3) files that are included in the downloaded zip file (the plugin)
  • One file that is included in the Version 3.0 downloaded zip file
  • MAME configured to save high scores
  • Saved high score files (These are automatically generated by MAME [once configured to save them] in the "hi" and/or “nvram” subfolders of your MAME emulator)


What it won't do

  • Show high scores for games using emulators other than MAME.
  • MAME does not save high scores for all arcade machines, so not all games are supported by this plugin.



@jayjay and @JoeViking245


A HUGE Special Thanks goes to GreatStone’s utility “hi2txt”.  This utility converts MAME’s high score files into a readable format which ultimately makes this plugin possible!!


Installation and setup instructions:

Step 1: Installing the Plugin

Step 2: Making sure MAME is set up to save high scores


Installing the Plugin:

  • Download the plugin, LB-BB_Hi_Scores_v1.0.zip, from the LaunchBox download section
  • After you’ve downloaded the zip file, be sure to unblock it in Windows by right clicking it, selecting Properties, and clicking Unblock


  • Open the zip file and extract/copy the "Hi_Scores" folder into ..\LaunchBox\Plugins

           e.g  D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\

If you have previously installed “MAME Hi-Score Display - A plugin for BigBox”, you will only to copy the “HiScoreCustomField.dll” file into that same folder.  Otherwise all 3 files are required(Only one file is required with version 3.0) The 2 plugins will not conflict with each other.


Setting up MAME to save high scores:

Using a recent official MAME release –

  • By default, plugins are enabled in MAME.  You can verify this by looking at the “mame.ini” file located in the root MAME install folder.
  • Open “mame.ini” and scroll down to (or press Control + F and search for) “Scripting Options”.   “plugins” should be set to 1.  If it’s 0 (zero), change it to 1.


  • Next, open “plugin.ini” also located in MAME’s root directory and change “hiscore” to 1.



If you have an older release of MAME, you may need to do the following steps.

  • Go to this website: http://www.mameworld.info/highscore/download.htm and download a copy of the file hiscore.dat that corresponds to your version of MAME.
  • The file (hiscoredat.zip) will need to be unzipped. Place the file hiscore.dat in your MAME/Plugins folder
  • Open up your MAME.ini file in a text editor. In newer versions, this file will be in the same directory as the MAME.exe
  • Press control + F and search for “Scripting Options”
  • Next to the word Plugins, type “1” no quotes
  • Next to the word Plugin, type “hiscore” no quotes

It will look like this:782718388_mame3.jpg.82aeb30e430f23ed52f8e6e601577c89.jpg


How to use:

  • Start LaunchBox or BigBox
  • Go into the "Arcade" Platform
  • Select a game, run it, then close it
  • Now select a different game, then go back (poor man’s version to refresh the Game Details)
  • If the game has saved high scores, they will now appear in that game’s Detail pane

Depending on the BigBox theme you use, the amount of data shown in the Game Details may be limited.  So you might need to go into Options, Game Details and deselect some of the Details.

Be sure that “Custom Fields” is checked.


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8 hours ago, Krakerman said:

Will this display the hi-scores in LaunchBox as I did all the above and don't see hi-scores in LB Game Info box as I am checking games that have hi-scores saved such as asteroids.

It does work. You said you did follow the steps towards the bottom of the plug-in description right?


Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 2.33.49 PM.png

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  • 1 month later...

@fredpd Yes.  Using RocketLauncher is the issue.

I've never used RocketLauncher, but it's my understanding you 'point' your games to RL and it then redirects the game to MAME.  The plugin looks for the emulator's folder used to launch your Arcade games which is assumed to be MAME.  From there, it drills down to find the "hi" and "nvram" folders (where the high scores are saved).  Which of course, it won't find inside RL's folder.

At this point, we don't have plans to modify the code to account for RocketLauncher.  But from what I've read, the features that originally made RocketLauncher so sought after are pretty much all available these days in LaunchBox.  

That said, if we get enough hate mail requests/interest to account for RocketLauncher, we’ll look into it. :) 

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Make sure you have the BigBox version installed (as well as the LaunchBox version from this post).  See above for link to the BigBox version.

Edit for "Arcade.xaml"

As @ed20910 indicated, for the Refried Theme, be sure you edit "Arcade.xaml" located in the "TextGamesView" folder.  (Note the "s" in "Games")

If the theme you're using shows Game Details (I don't have Refried), in BigBox, be sure to have "Show Custom Fields" checked under "Options", "Games Details".  image.thumb.png.b4961e1ac8bcaa823a9f8fb1dcd3c8d4.png 

Also depending on the Theme, if there are too many "Details" checked, it may not show. image.thumb.png.2749c7d3ff1654b5057c451c34a28348.pngIf your Theme doesn't show Game Details [circled in red], there should also be (assuming the correct xaml is edited) a "View Hi-Scores" item in the menu [highlighted blue].  And of course, none of these will show if there are no saved high scores for the particular game.


Edited by JoeViking245
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  • 7 months later...

I just noticed the plugin doesn't seem to be updating the custom field anymore.  I have new high scores on a couple games, but the scores haven't changed in the game details panel.  It still has my old scores there.  It's also not showing scores from games that save high scores that I've played for the first time and set a high score.


I have LB 11.6.


Thanks for any help!  ?

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