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  2. Back on track with the full dedicated marquees. Another reconstructed marquee; from: To: night mode
  3. All dual layout marquees can be found here (plus new bonus marquees )
  4. I probably should've wrote all of this down..but so far the features I wanna see happen are the likes of: >Home/Guide Button for Pause Screens >A Built-In Keymapper for each Game Title to where you no longer have to worry about setting up an App with the Title you Launch or trying to get it to close out when you exit a game properly. This would be good for all PC Games and whatever extra features some may want in their Emulations as well since not all of us are fond of a Mouse & WASD scheme. >Screenshots to show up when you decide to make videos play as your background in BigBox instead of the Screenshot section disappearing. >When Importing a game from outside the US you'll now get it's actual Regional name instead of its United States version name. To keep aware of the franchise a Regional title belongs to it will be bundled together in the "Series" section. >No more conflicting Artwork for Regional titles, especially if it's a Fanart Cover or anything else like that to where you no longer get annoyed seeing an American Fan Cover appearing in your Japanese or European game title of it that never goes away unless you manually go in to the actual folder and Delete it. >Artwork will no longer mix newer game art with older game titles & etc such as Mortal Kombat 9 logos and art found when you Import the original Mortal Kombat of 1992. >Better Metadata when it comes to Game Titles on a Platform with the same name. This happens so much on things like Commodore and some Arcade games as well. >Fixing where some Media gets part of a word during Import of a Game Title and ends up giving you a Cinematic of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" when the title you actually Imported was Arcade Zone's "Legend" >Something of a way to make playing older Windows games much easier with as close to a simple Import and play as possible without further hassle on compatibility & etc. Maybe like how there's a DOSBox built inside of LaunchBox? As you can see much of my concern is getting everything to sort itself much easier and display better without having to really do much work..especially for those of whom who are trying LaunchBox/Big Box for the first time and maybe don't know much about it. I know it's gonna take some years where all can just drop in their games in and have all the accurate details and media with all the games they Imported, but it's certainly what I hope for us to get to eventually. My Wife @Haydee likes to think of BigBox as sort of a Museum, which I love the way she puts it as that because you do in fact get to learn more about the games you mostly enjoy or never really knew much about it enough to where it makes you wanna play if all is accurate in details and media.
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  6. Would be cool to have such option per system. Would help to have a jap 9nlz system divided from rest of the world in launchbox, else will be a mess
  7. I hope it will not loose focus on it core idea being a emulator Frontend launcher and being the best of them all. i have some other horrible software in mind where the features blown that software up too much. iTunes is one example, or Plex (who wants to add many things now and loose focus on media player for movies and series). meaning things like Android or raspberry versions. Please be focused on the windows Plattform where all starts for LB/BB
    As far as I'm concerned this is the OFFICIAL startup video. It should come with BigBox as the default!
  8. yeah maybe a link to the whole pack. Great work.
  9. I have an idea for a feature, Compression options for rom, like compressing ISO's to CHD's or vice versa... 7z to zip
  10. I have a game in my launchbox called HOME, which is a free indie game released on Steam this year. I submitted it to the database back on the 4th of July, where it was promptly accepted later that day. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/116646 Usually after this happens it'll be a couple of days before it appears in Launchbox when searching for metadata. It's been over two weeks now and it's still not appearing. The only "Home" that appears is a horror game from 2012. Other games I submitted at around about the same time appear in launchbox perfectly fine, so i'm confused as to why launchbox can't find the metadata for this one.
  11. 2 New set up , for Castlevania collection I will try to do better than the publisher: p
  12. I figured it out by reading the answers to some other settings questions. I found the settings.xml file and I edited the other automation fields to be button -1. It worked like a charm. Hooray!
  13. You can probably go into the \Launchbox\Data folder and edit the BigBoxSettings.xml. In the <KeyboardSelect> line enter 6 and then save and close it. That should set it to Enter again as this is what I have. Then when you go back into BigBox change it, this time do not let it time out. Just hit the new key you want it to be set for. If you do this and it keeps both Enter and the new key, just do the step one more time and it will remove the Enter key.
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  15. This is awesome! Thank you so much for putting this together rand for sharing it.
  16. That's amazing. As CutTheRug said, You're the man! Can't wait to see it.
  17. Hi all, I'm having problems with controller automation. When it is on for whatever reason it seems to connect to netplay in retroarch everytime I hit select and one of the shoulder buttons (which I have bound to save and load state) and then loses control of the game and won't accept controller input. This doesn't happen if it is off, and I don't have netplay bound to a hotkey in retroarch at all. Anyway, what I want is just to keep automation on with start+select to close the window and get rid of the other functions (volume, etc.). Is there a config file somewhere where I can unbind the automation buttons? I could remap them in the menu, but there isn't a way to bind them to nul as far as I can tell.
  18. The first step would be to answer the original question I posted above:
  19. Tried googling this issue but I couldn't find anything. So I was configuring button mapping within BigBox and when I got to the box for "Select" I hit enter and after the five seconds was up it cleared the selection, which is what it is supposed to do. So my problem is that now I have no button mapped to "Select", so I cannot even hit enter to input another button to map to "Select". In fact I literally cannot proceed anywhere in BigBox. "Select" allows you to choose an input so I cannot even proceed into our out of BigBox once I load it up. Does anyone know how I could fix this issue?? Thanks in advance.
  20. I will be building up to a 4-port Synology NAS solution in the new few months, planning on x4 8TB drives, running paritiy 1, so 24TB space total. I hope I can afford it, haha.
  21. Couldn't wait just upgraded
  22. Using the Mame Full Set importer with anything other than the latest set at the time of importing will give you games you don't actually have. The older your rom set is the more this will be an issue. You can still import your set the old way by simply drag and dropping your rom set into LB and filter it all out using the built in filters. The Full Set importer uses a Mame database xml file to import more accurately. Using the copy feature on a Mame set, especially a split or merged set is not something we recommend doing because it will only copy those files imported and will not copy other necessary files such as parents or bios files such as neogeo.zip or qsound.zip.
  23. ^Manu

    Multi-user support

    Fair enough. Well aside from that, I'm still interested in thinking about how a great solution to this problem might look. A user system that feels like modern consoles would be great.
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