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  1. ohh i understant, i have a question, wallgamesview does not support videos? I cant find the option for insert the selected item video
  2. I was working in a theme without the creator, just using visual studio, may I export that project to this editor??
  3. Solved!! just go to your plugins folder an delete the playtimeTracker and playtimeTracker_v1.3 folders, and Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dll and the PlaytimeTracker.dll it seems playtime tracker and pscx2 configurartor Next plugins are incompatible between them, you can write for the developers for answers:
  4. Hi, i like this plugin, so i dont know why i cant use the pscx2configurator plugin when i have this installed, anybody with the same issue?
  5. Does not work in the last release 10.11, the context menu is not appearing
  6. No issues here, all fine!
  7. Hey bro, I'm find the solution for the "Error downloading media extensions" and "Unable to connect to the remote server" , it seems the psiphon vpn, activated me a proxy. So just, type "proxy" in windows search , go to proxy settings and verify you are not connected to a proxy, if you are conected just disable the proxy and try again!! if the problem persist, open the classic internet explorer, configuration, lan setings, and verify that use proxy is uncheked now scrapping return to life! 😆
  8. Sorry community, issue fixed!😅 ,when you get those errors: "Error downloading media extensions" and "Unable to connect to the remote server",, and you verified your firewall, antivirus exceptions and receive the same error, make sure you are not connected to a proxy, both internet explorer a windows proxy settings, I had a proxy installed and I did not know it, I disabled it, now scrapping return to life! 😆
  9. Your issue can be related with mine, so im just dowloading fromn the LB game database, i dont use emumovies, can you download normally from the database, non-emumovies download?
  10. For now Im just download media using a VPN called psiphon, otherwise i receive the error: Unable to connect remote server
  11. same problem here, i use malwarebytes too, it seems the issue is related with that antimalware
  12. When I try to download media images I get this error: "Error downloading media extensions" and "Unable to connect to the remote server", i verified antivirus and antimalware, does anybody have the same issue or just me?
    actually does not run for me... i used it was great, but it did not have suppor for bigbox, please fix it!
  13. Works great!! open retroarch without cores, go to driver input, select "draw" , go to configuration file, "save current configuration"... thanks for answering!
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