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  1. Hi, I used that solution too, nverthless y discovered a better one, you can configure the controls inside retroarch control hotkeys for volume up and down is much more confortable, I set the rigth stick up and down for that work.
  2. I cant downaload any images or videos from launc hbox, when i try to download something i receive the next message
  3. plaftorm categories PLEASE! Including Mobile (celphones java and android), pinbal, computers, arcade and consoles
  4. Hi, I'm trying to instal .JAR games like Doom RPG and more, but I don't know how to configure bigbox for run the Java clasic phone games, I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edsLAOJzHLk , but he is using rocket launcher, Can anybody explain me how to get run the kemulator inside laucnhbox or any other emulator for java clasis games, I don't know how use Freej2me on windows either
  5. Hola amigo, pudiste solucionarlo? tambien he tratado de configurar los juegos java pero no me reconoce el KEMULATOR, solo vi este video pero el usa rocketlauncher y tampoco se como lo configurahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edsLAOJzHLk
  6. how to configure the Kemulator in launchbox?
  7. How can i use FreeJ2ME on windows there is nothing in the web
  8. Solved with the last official update
  9. Same result in both cases
  10. now I receive a denied access mesage when Try to open Bigbox Mode
  11. Yes I'm trying as adminisstrator, I think is a problem with the default nintendo 64 emulator, I have default retroarch but the games are launched with project 64, I deleted project 64 and bulk edit for retroarch. now I receive this message I can use the default app without problems, this just happens with the games as additional apps
  12. hi, when i try to play other version of the games i recive this eror "the requested operation requires elevation"
  13. Hi, sometimes I make changes by mistake, or with inapropiate data, is there a way for cancel those bad changes in the Changes Status, If there is no the option i like to have this option, this would help a lot for correct bad changes and delete mistakes. it just apply for pending changes
  14. I Cant get IT!! pushd %~dp0 cls @echo off cd D:\(Emuladores)\(Flash Games)\Flashpoint\Server echo. echo Setting up web server... php.exe -f "update_httpdconf_main_dir.php" echo. echo Starting web server...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it! start "Apache Server" /b httpd.exe cd D:\(Emuladores)\(Flash Games)\Flashpoint\FPSoftware\Redirector echo. echo Starting games redirector...don't close this window! Close Launchbox when it opens and this'll go with it! start "Apache Server" /b Redirect.exe If i try to run a flash game inside LB the redirector gives me the next message (404 Not Found) GET http://localflash/522607_replayingthegame202c.swf
  15. I Have a little question, what is the use for the Device in the add platform image context menu? Can i see the device of every platform inside bigbox?
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