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  1. I have xbox 360 controller, what input driver do you use?
  2. It works, so the problem with the raw driver, is that if you disconect you control you can't simply reconected it again, you must restart retroarch, is there a solution for that?
  3. For the autogenrated playlist I'm making the other ones, I accept suggestions
  4. yes Is that, I dont not how to create similar banners to the default included ones, in my comunity manager i just have this template but not the other one actually bigbox arcades look like like this, do you have those mmisng banners for to share with me?
  5. yes but that template is not included
  6. Ok, I wanna make the missing art for autogenerated playlist like 2-player, 4-player, pinball arcade, arcade beat em ups, arcade board etc, I believe there are no banners for that, am I rigth? For the moment I let these: I prefer call'em flash games if you want to separate the popular consoles from the obscure consoles
  7. Does anybody have this template?
  8. you just need a hard drive for the media images and videos, due that I have all the games in my collection but i just download The games i want to play, i just use no intro and tosec packs for roms based systems, and for the disc system i just add a boximages pack as roms, and marked them as unistalled, later i download the iso games i want to play and chage the asociated boxart.png that figures as rom with the iso dowload, with 1 or 2tb for use this method is ok
  9. Solved, Its necesary refresh the platform wheel in image cache, what a theme!
  10. Hi guys , do you know why my platorms view look like this , i have launch ver 11.2
  11. yes is a very good way for discover new titles without spent your disk size, I put as favorites the best games in every system and i download just that, other games are marked as uninstalled
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