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Jason Carr

LaunchBox 2019 New Feature Poll  

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The results of the poll will be posted after the poll is completed.

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Welcome to the LaunchBox 2019 New Feature Poll! This list was community sourced from BitBucket, the forums, and vetted over via a live stream with the community. Please vote above on all features that you would like to prioritize for LaunchBox development.

Feel free to ask any questions about poll items below. The poll will be live until Monday, July 22nd. Happy voting. :)

Edit: The poll is complete! Here are the detailed results in a format that makes slightly more sense:


#   Item User Votes Percentage of Users Who Voted
1   Xbox Controller and PS4 Controller Home Button Support 1,062 62.54%
2   Icons for Types of Controls (Keyboard/Mouse, PS4/Xbox Controller, Wiimote, Nunchuk, etc.) 746 43.93%
3   Backup and Restore Options for Data and Settings 687 40.46%
4   Video Clip Grabber for Missing Videos 608 35.81%
5   Indicator/Icon for Games with Multiple Versions Available 594 34.98%
6   Filter to Games with Missing Media 590 34.75%
7   Retro Achievements Gamer Score, Profile, and Leaderboards 567 33.39%
8   Add Alternate Names, Game Type, Max Players, Wikipedia Link, and Video Link fields from the LaunchBox Games Database to LaunchBox 544 32.04%
9   New Paid Android Version (Select Games on the Desktop, Export to Android) 539 31.74%
10   Visual icon/indicator for Broken Games 535 31.51%
11   Media Cleanup Overhaul - Review/Change Items, Move to Folder or Delete 525 30.92%
12   Option to Manually Check for Updates 524 30.86%
13   Integrate MAME High Scores and Show Community Scores 499 29.39%
14   Bulk Edit Platform and Move Media to Proper Folders 497 29.27%
15   Big Box Theme-Specific Settings (Save and Restore Settings for Each Theme) 474 27.92%
16   Automatic Multi-Disc Playlist Creation for Retroarch 470 27.68%
17   Integrated Retroarch Netplay Lobby Browser 458 26.97%
18   Big Box Wall View Overhaul 451 26.56%
19   Option to Force Update Games Database Metadata 446 26.27%
20   Auditing Overhaul - Add Missing Fields and Allow Full-Library Audits 434 25.56%
21   Add Sort By Options to Big Box (another item in the alphanumeric list) 433 25.50%
22   Marquee Video Support, Customization Options for Placement and Image Types 422 24.85%
23   Steam Achievements in Details like Retro Achievements 422 24.85%
24   New Document Fields for Hintbooks, Cheats, and Maps 417 24.56%
25   Game Screenshot Grabber 410 24.15%
26   Proper Support for MAME Software Lists 392 23.09%
27   API importer for GOG 387 22.79%
28   Previous and Next Buttons in LaunchBox Edit Window 365 21.50%
29   Platform-specific Zoom and Aspect Ratios for LaunchBox 332 19.55%
30   Per-Game AutoHotkey Script Support 329 19.38%
31   Display Platform/Playlist/Category Information in the LaunchBox Game Details Sidebar when No Game is Selected 327 19.26%
32   Amiga WHD Name Conversion (Like MAME) 325 19.14%
33   Bulk Edit Additional Apps 294 17.31%
34   Allow Launch With for Additional Apps/Versions 282 16.61%
35   Big Box Parental Restrictions (Use Pin Code to Hide Games with Certain Ratings) 251 14.78%
36   Proper Support for Year-Only Release Dates 250 14.72%
37   Option to Name Media via ROM File Name instead of Game Title (where possible, won't work for non-ROM-based platforms) 235 13.84%
38   Disable Certain Controllers (such as Flight Sticks), Multiple Controllers with Different Bindings 222 13.07%
39   Option to Reverse Sort Order in LaunchBox 217 12.78%
40   Parsec Integration 173 10.19%


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6 minutes ago, PanteraZombie said:

I think all 3 indicator icons features should probably be rolled into one creating a new helpful aspect to LB/BB. You could select which ones show per system/game and have a nested option to select controller type.

Yeah, too late to combine poll items, but I can certainly implement them together if they're voted high enough.

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1 minute ago, dmjohn0x said:

I feel like nobody knows what Parsec implementation does, or it'd be voted much higher.

I know what it is but dont understand why its on the list. All it does is stream your desktop, much like Steam does, i dont see what integration is needed there, you can already use it to stream Launchbox/Bigbox to another PC.

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Hey @Everyone 

I would like to take a moment to try to persuade you to vote for the (in my opinion) one of the most important features in this poll: Big Box Wall View Overhaul

My case:

As you can see HERE and HERE both @Grila and @CriticalCid (two of the most recognized theme developers) have had problems with the wall view since September 2018, citing limits on what it can do and limiting their creative visions.

The goal? A real, well fleshed out, balls out, true 10 foot experience, console-like quality UI, like these dreams:



Without these upgrades, this kind of User Interfaces are going to be VERY hard to exist on our premium product, Big Box. Believe me, once we have this kind of upgrades, I think the theme development scene will improve tremendously. Please, to all of you: Vote for Big Box Wall View Overhaul This is our opportunity to tell @Jason Carr that this is the most important thing for the future of Big Box, the main feature that keeps the development going as a succesful business!


Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your hard work, Jason!!!


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10 minutes ago, teeedubb said:

No option to vote on the ability to use a custom pdf reader so LB doesn't automatically default to the system pdf viewer, which is feature rich but bloated and not suited to viewing manuals with a controller at all ?

Nobody brought it up on the live stream, so i guess its a niche request.

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I agree with the wall view being worked on and would even go as far as saying that even adding a more 3D effect to the wall view would make it more immersive.... Like the selected game could if clicked on would enlarge in the centre of the screen and then flip over to the rear, then minimise back.... Just a thought ?

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