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CoinOps Redux

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What is it?

CoinOps Redux is a port of CoinOps Next to BigBox, co-created with @Klopjero.

The theme has been developed using the Community Theme Creator (all the credit to @y2guru) and should display correctly in both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios.

As in the case of CoinOps, it relies on 1120x1080 fanart images for game wheel views.

Big thanks to BritneysPAIRS and the CoinOps team for their work in CoinOps and for their amazing theme design.


It includes the following BigBox views:

- 4 platform views.

- 2 game wheels for arcade based systems.

- 2 game wheels for non-arcade based systems.

- 2 horizontal game wheels.

- Systems view.

Supporting more than 130 systems.

For platform views, we suggest to use @viking colorful videos.

Files available

[CoinOps Redux 1.0.zip] The BigBox theme files. Just uncompress and copy / paste to Launchbox\Themes folder. All platform background images are included in the file.

[Platforms] Sets of fanart images (1120x1080) for several platforms. If you want to use them, just unzip and copy / paste to Launchbox\Images\[Platform]\Fanart - Background.

* It is also possible to use the fanart packs uploaded by @RedSnake for his DarkRoom theme (or use these in DarkRoom).



759944383_PlatformView2-Handhelds.thumb.jpg.a78ba2c191f0e2be02d0b3009ede2f07.jpg1059619008_PlatformView1-Handhelds-Video.thumb.jpg.b146bf7408a8832241a3ee5f3948ebd0.jpg1135517189_PlatformView2-AmstradGX4000.thumb.jpg.5c60200442cfdbc4d5307f77c568d272.jpg1404819680_PlatformView1-AmstradGX4000-Video.thumb.jpg.8767c13d8d28ada875cf2522922fac47.jpg552297695_PlatformView2-AtariLynx.thumb.jpg.c5155b04e3eb6c96466b3d57ab88d5f1.jpg154580049_PlatformView2-AtaryLynx-Video.thumb.jpg.d624ce43672763e51bf8997cec2cda8f.jpg530763192_PlatformView2-Playstation3.thumb.jpg.7e748c4b0b56a5bebd26d738c9f90ea1.jpg1232288555_PlatformView2-Playstation3-Video.thumb.jpg.a3f8accbc5dd8d7b6e3475a325f7e41e.jpg49582000_PlatformView2-PSP.thumb.jpg.5a3328319aadae3cc1429bd9bb634c4e.jpg273243728_PlatformView2-SegaDreamcast.thumb.jpg.6e84abb3b648434463621b12fdb4cea8.jpg1933520716_PlatformView2-SegaGenesis.thumb.jpg.d2d1891e17c04b4fb0cd2feed0933242.jpg51594250_GameWheel1-ArcadePlaylist.thumb.jpg.c66a815e8de7ad5c3f19d93079bc2d87.jpg1710099774_GameWheel2-Arcade.thumb.jpg.855f54a698ec9f5808135ac7e23073a8.jpg1143892389_GameView1-PinballFX3.thumb.jpg.5b835d3faae2aa33a78e0cb498606daf.jpg1169401358_GameWheel3-GameWatch.thumb.jpg.43179ee2dc4bbabc616a1357ef4f9824.jpg169500484_GameWheel3-GBA.thumb.jpg.8ed0e7e41cf6aef20f7c82adb1d209b5.jpg1455802370_GameWheel4-GBA.thumb.jpg.e3cd54a3983bd3eed102b421ed6c24e4.jpg1281229439_GameWheel3-MSDOS.thumb.jpg.da59339c061b49b63c4d02af6332ac9a.jpg268844141_GameWheel3-PSP.thumb.jpg.cb126d5a8f97b7bf548fde10d9ba09a6.jpg1777482146_GameWheel3-ScummVM.thumb.jpg.85d1e791103491511f7d6c952516129b.jpg967426850_GameWheel4-AtariST.thumb.jpg.d0fd8e57b69e6a1c9741b2886ae6eda0.jpg1942664501_GameWheel4-PSP.thumb.jpg.13a6069d2cdaab8afb3b0ac3d2694142.jpg350597316_GameWheel4-SegaDreamcast.thumb.jpg.3280b3ce32d99c0ded820b6821630ffa.jpgGame Wheel 4 - Sega Genesis.jpg1395734195_PlatformView3-Arcade.thumb.jpg.308707e49c398239e787c1c826d57048.jpg1306206278_PlatformView4-Arcade.thumb.jpg.a53fe692cd9c7522240230c3f9fde405.jpg1550989731_HorizontalGameWheel1.thumb.jpg.d06effd340ef81a32c1a2155f12ae72a.jpg1380235209_HorizontalGameWheel2.thumb.jpg.70e4f0dbe01264983a9918e2125711ce.jpg



Edited by CMOSS
Version 1.0.3 available
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3 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

@CMOSS I am deleting one of your threads as you have two upload threads showing. Theme looks great by the way!

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 3.43.24 PM.png

Perfect. Thanks!

Do you know how to mark it with the theme tag as other themes? I have not been able to find how to do it.


Edited by CMOSS
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20 minutes ago, kmoney said:

One thing I noticed when playing around with the theme is when you pull up the search by letter bar, it is partially cutoff. I thought it was because I am using a 1440P monitor but it happens on my 1080P as well.



Thanks for noticing! We have just fixed the issue. We will release an updated version of the theme later on, including some additional minor tweaks.

Edited by CMOSS
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11 hours ago, dagosal10 said:


 I love this theme, great job !!  I would like to be able to see arcade (mame, neogeo, naomi, etc) with its own cabinet and the marquee of each game. In turn, that the consoles are seen with their platform average. Is all this possible in the same view?


the marquee's change already. the cab's we might do and I do not understand your last sentence about average consoles.

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