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  1. @Lordmonkus is spot on. It is a bit of a pain to learn, but it has some nice features like fade in and out of games, bezels, pause screen that allows viewing things like images, manuals, and other media. I only recently got back into learning it just to give me something new to mess with. In my main arcade though I have not put it in place and likely will not. Its just on my test machine to learn. It is one less layer to have something break and go hunting for. That is not a knock on it. In fact it is very useful. Just a personal preference and not a need.
  2. @latin625 No worries. I have been using his videos to learn as well.
  3. I think the core override will also save an overlay. You just need to load a game using that core and then F1 and set the overlay, much like you did with the shader. I have not really messed with that piece in core overrides. @Lordmonkus I am sure will reply when online to confirm or deny. In the meantime since sound works with default .cfg I would remove the copy of the custom .cfg you did (don't delete just remove from the cfg folder and save it) and then try creating a clean custom .cfg just to see if in fact that first one got corrupt. I have had that happen before.
  4. Man, I am not sure. I have your custom config on my test pc and it loads fine in Launchbox with sound. If you remove the custom config parameter from your Launchbox setting and have Launchbox just load the game with the default retroarch.cfg does the sound work on the game?
  5. You can add more. They go in the fade folder. You can put them in the default or in any of the system fade folders if you customize the system. I cannot remember where I got the ones I have. It may have been from one of Colpipes79 youtube tutorials.
  6. When you load a game through launchbox and hit F1 does it show that the custom cfg was launched with the game? Another thing I noticed is you said changing to dsound did not work like it did for another member, but that custom config still has xaudio as the driver and not dsound. I would edit that cfg and go to line 33 and change "xaduio" to "dsound" then try the cfg again.
  7. I tested your BSNES custom config on one of my set-ups and it launches direct in RA as well as from Launchbox with sound. Looking over the cfg file and comparing it to one of my custom cfg for SNES and the only difference I can see is in your text field for audio_volume (line 42) is set to 0.000000 most of mine are set to 0.300000. To be honest I do not think that is an issue as your cfg file worked on my set-up as it is and I had sound. Just noting that is was the only field difference I can tell. Maybe edit that line to read 0.300000 and see if that changes. I doubt it, but worth a try.
  8. Retro808

    Cemu problems

    What game in particular? Cemu is an emulator that needs some tweaking. It does not just run all games smoothly. Some games work better if you download a shader cache for it. Graphics packs can help some games as well. I recommend reading up on their forum/reddit for the best results. It is an emulator that takes some work. Here is the compatibility list and here with GPUs tested.
  9. In the appropriate port are you selecting your keyboard from the dropdown box? From there when you click configure it should open to configure. Or is that all working and it just will not let you bind them or something?
  10. Retro808

    Cemu problems

    Since you just downloaded I would probably try a fresh download in a different folder and see if maybe just the download corrupted. But as said by the others screen shots help a lot.
  11. Thanks. I kept and old backup just in case. Good to know it got updated.
  12. Ah nice! Glad it is sorted. Sometimes it just takes some external participation to sort things out. I am tinkering away trying to learn RocketLauncher so hopefully we can help each other out again along the way.
  13. I think Jason is trying to fix it. there have been a couple other posts. Here is one.
  14. Yes. Through BigBox. I have some free time this week I may try to mess around with other options. Hopefully I can help.
  15. Hey some progress for you at least. I only recently started learning RocketLauncher, but I do have it set up for Mame and 2 other systems. So I can confirm that running Mame through RocketLauncher in BigBox the marquees still show up when the game is launched. I am also using RLs bezels and fade screens. Even if I bulk edit the roms and change the default emulator to Mame the marquees still show when a game is launched. RL has some cool features but it is irritating as heck to work with. Things will randomly stop working, but if I shutdown the pc and reboot they work again.
  16. Yeah, not sure what it is. I just downloaded a fresh Mame 192 and no issues with the marquees showing without tweaking any settings. Are you running Mame through BigBox direct or through RocketLauncher?
  17. @latin625 Which Mame are you using? Maybe I can try the one you are using and compare to what I use to see if something is different in the settings.
  18. That may be why. I have games like PunchOut and PlayChoice showing on one monitor in over-under fashion. It was causing too many issues using two monitors with how I have everything set-up with other systems so I switched it. With Mame set to use 2 monitors BigBox likely does not have a resource to show the marquee.
  19. Hmmm. I wonder what is causing that. I use only what BigBox does and the marquees stay for me. For reference I am using Mame 0.189 (command line verion). But this has worked with other version of Mame as well as MameUI versions. I do not think I really changed any settings in Mame. I know it is set to only 1 monitor even though my set-up is a triple monitor.
  20. Hopefully one of our more experienced members can chime in. I have never really messed with Mame's marquee set-up since BigBox does what I need. BigBox will keep the marquee displayed even when a game is launched so when that got implemented a while back I stopped messing with anything else.
  21. Time to add a few new games I guess.
  22. I think there were new patches for Super Type-R and Super Adventure Island as well.
  23. I responded in that post. I do not think that member got HyperMarquee working based on his response. It sounds like he got it working using the BigBox marquee support.
  24. Are you talking about HyperMarquee or BigBox's built-in marquee support? I think the prior post that member got marquees working in BigBox native support since he mentioned they are working by romname and that is part of how BigBox marquee support works For the BigBox built in version: To get marquee images to show in BigBox you only need to do a few things really. 1. Make sure in BigBox you have the setting showing which of your monitors is the marquee. 2. Place any marquee images you are using in either the Arcade-Marquee folder for the game rom marquees or in the Banner folder for the platform and platform category marquees. Game marquess should be named as the games are and your platform and platform category marquees need to be named as those are named in your set-up. 3. Launch BigBox, refresh the cache to be safe, and your images should show up on you marquee monitor.
  25. Since the ipac mimics keystrokes I do not think it is possible. BigBox will only let you map one keyboard key per command in the settings.
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