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  1. If you create custom marquees they simply go in the \Launchbox\Images\[System Name Folder\Arcade-Maquee I think though for now Launchbox/BigBox looks for images based on the rom name. So you would have to have the default image named after each rom. I am not sure if there is functionality to have just one default image and if a game is missing the marquee LaunchBox inserts that image. What theme/themes are you using? All the themes I use will show box art on my marquee whenever I do not have an actual marquee image for the rom in the Arcade-Marquee folder. For example I use Critical Zone theme and If I do not have an image in the arcade-marquee folder my marquee will simply show box art on my marquee screen.
  2. Good to see that sorted it out for you.
  3. @neil9000 Holy snaps good eye! Of course it is likely something that simple.
  4. It has been a while since I used mameplus but if I remember right there used to be a couple .exe files in the mameplus folder. It looks like you are pointing to the gui.exe. Try pointing launchbox to the other .exe.
  5. @Happy Horus Sega Genesis I do have working using Retroarch core. As for Spectrum I do not have the system loaded at all. Here are images from my edit game and manage emulator. Mind that you named your platform different, but as long as how you named it matches how the platform links in the emulators tab it should not matter.
  6. Just adding to @lordmonkus prior post to share that I have Game & Watch working fine in Launchbox and it did not need any special command line parameters. I am using the most current version of RA and the Handheld core with no issues. So it shouldn't be a command line issue.
  7. I would suggest posting a few pics of an edit game screen (right click a game and choose edit) showing the launcher tab and emulation tab as well as pics of the manage emulator screen (go to tools>manage emulators) showing the emulator detail and the associated platform detail. Sometimes a disconnect can be seen in those fields if there is one.
  8. Not sure if this will solve it as when I had this happen it did not launch the mameui it only gave me an error the rom could not be found. Are your mame roms stored in mame's default rom folder or when you imported through launchbox did you have launchbox move the rom file location? If you had it move them you will need to update the path in Mame.
  9. I cannot really help much as I do not typically mess with image much in the themes, but I do know in themes folder of Minimal AO there is a .pdf that will tell you how to customize that theme quite a bit. It also lets you know where to place custom videos or background images to work with the theme.
  10. @FlawLezZ I simply copy then paste the script into the Autohotkey tab in the Edit Emulator screen within the Launchbox options.
  11. "General" is for across the board and will apply those controls to any machine you load. "Machine" is for an individual game. So if you want to set it for a certain game adjust the "Machine" inputs.
  12. Sometimes things are just that simple. I knew I saw that somewhere, but kept looking in the edit for the games versus platform edit.
  13. I was never able to get the bulk edit to work either. It kept wanting a file name versus a path. I simply copied all my game videos (those that I did not have LB download during import) to the specific system folder in the Launchbox\Video folder and Launchbox recognized them on start up. Videos for individual games go in \Launchbox\Videos\[system name folder] for example NES: \Launchbox\Videos\Nintendo Entertainment System
  14. There is some good information in a recent post about using standalone emulator vs. Retroarch here. The individual cores in RA are not always better than the standalone counterparts, but in quite a few they are. The post I linked gave me some great information on the pros and cons of standalone vs. RA so I figured I would link it.
  15. AHK script for Xarcade tankstick users to exit emulators that do not have internal binding options since Xarcade simulates key strokes. It is modified from the script in this post Script is set to use Player 4 start button and Player 2 start button as exit. Hold P4 and P2 for more than 2 seconds. Simply change "4" and/or "2" to the key of choice if you desire to use an alternate button key. This is using default Xarcade layout. Also you can lengthen or shorten the duration you have to hold the combo by changing "Duration > 2" (this is seconds) ~4 & 2:: Duration=0 Loop { Duration ++ If !GetKeyState("4","P") || !GetKeyState("2","P") Break If Duration > 2 { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} break } Sleep, 1000 } return
  16. @Egga I use this AHK script in the autohotkey tab of the emulators I need it in and I can close out of the emulator holding P4 and P2 buttons for more than 2 seconds. I found it in an old post and changed P1 to P4 as all my emulators are set to exit using that combo. ~4 & 2:: Duration=0 Loop { Duration ++ If !GetKeyState("4","P") || !GetKeyState("2","P") Break If Duration > 2 { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} break } Sleep, 1000 } return
  17. No worries. Glad I could have been some help.
  18. @Damico16 In BigBox. Back out and go into options and then look for "Security". It will allow you to set a PIN to lock. The user will still be able to back out into the menu that allows them to use the filter views, but when locked it removes the "Options" item from the menu and the user cannot select it to mess up settings.
  19. I do not believe so. There is a lock option that will prevent users from accessing the options to change setting though.
  20. Just to make sure you have this correct your videos should be as follows... Videos for individual games go in \Launchbox\Videos\[system name folder] for example NES: \Launchbox\Videos\Nintendo Entertainment System Videos for each system (if you have your systems set up as platforms and not playlists) go in \Launchbox\Videos\Platforms So in your platforms folder if you have at least one video named exactly as each system is named BigBox would play that video when you select the system. Such as Nintendo Wii.mp4, Sega Genesis.mp4, WonderSwan Color.mp4, and so on.
  21. LOL, that was back breaking work back then when you had to move the TV to another room or clean under it. RA actually is pretty easy to use now. I first tried to learn on a raspberry pi with the old UI and gave up. But on my pc with the new UI it has definitely been an easier process.
  22. The saves states, and the ability to set configurations unique to each core as well as even unique to each game is what sold me on using RA for most of the systems I have. I do not use many shaders, overlays, or bezels but having those options is great when I do want to. The save states is the clear winner for me. I hear what you say about scanlines. Grew up on that as well and I am not too nostalgic for it.
  23. @MetalVinnie Thanks for the bezels/configs and the how to. I had been wanting to look up how to do per game bezels so you helped me kill 2 birds with one stone. Love these black box bezels in my setup.
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