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@sagaopc that was exactly like I would imagine the perfect view. @viking I believe some of us want these type of views due to the huge amount of time we've spent scrapping all the box art, logo and disc media and I am sad not being able to show it on a theme :( I know this goes against your minimalist view on this theme but pleeeease consider just creating one view with this format pleaseee. Your theme is amazing, that's why everybody wants to use it and make it personal I guess lol. Keep up the amazing work!

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A quick message:

I dont post a lot right now, sorry. I have a lot of work for the next 3 weeks.
But I dont forget Colorful!
In parallel, I work hard on category video and with @eatkinola on the theme!! 

I'll be back soon with new content! ?

For waiting, some screen of future category video.
Mainly complete 4K remake of Nostalgia version. But for "arcade" and "playlist", I will realize them in full CGI. Which requires more time, necessarily.


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Thx @Qbertzelious !
I have not planned yet, but I designed the "Windows" platform video so that we can customize it by service. (Steam, GOG, Ubi ...)
For example: Windows Boot> Open service window> Gameplay video.

I am very busy right now. As soon as I have time, I do it in order: All arcade by LB automatic playlist, and I create a download page with all sources!
It's done with Photoshop and AfterEffect CS6. Old version, so very compatible. No plugin, to facilitate the help of the community.


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The only problem I have is how it handles white text in logos, AKA poorly. The white text just merges with the background and becomes unreadable. I've noticed it with the Nintendo DS, Sonic 1, Jed Fallen Order, and Undertale. I think maybe a grey background around the area where logo text goes would really help, maybe lower the opacity on the grey if it helps.

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Awesome theme, my favorite! Is there any way to delay the animation when selecting a platform? To sit on the wheel a bit longer, or maybe add a second button press?  I love it but when i hand it to people to use they always hit 'b' to change platforms instead of up and down. Thanks again!

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@viking I noticed today the game counts do not show up in playlists. Editing the binding for games count from {Binding Path=ActivePlatform.TotalGameCount} to {Binding GamesCount} allows playlists to show the count. Was not sure if you were aware Jason had that binding available. 

Thanks for all the hard work on the themes and videos. Looks great in my newest cabinet build. 

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OK ! It's UPDATE time !! ?
Again, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

Version 0.5 (beta) - Released December 10, 2019
 - New Feature: Text and interface element now show in platform color. A BIG thx to eatkinola for his hard work on his plugin!
 - Improvement: The pulse animation of the play button is no longer a gif, but code. To integrate the platform color.
 - Improvement: Rebuild of the star rating, to integrate the platform color.
 - Improvement: Rebuild all design on "option view".
 - Improvement: New code for video integration. Big Tx to Grila for his help!
 - Improvement: Rebuild of TextGamesView, now fully responsive, with correct font size and animation.
 - Improvement: GamesViews: Better use of the white band to increase the visible video area. (a little)
 - Improvement: GamesViews: Small BoxArt reduction for a better video view. (a little more)
 - Improvement: Minors graphic element update. (Logo, background ...)
 - Improvement: General code cleanup and better annotation.
 - Improvement: A lot of minor adjustment on child views.
 - Fixed: On platform view, games count now work with Playlist.
 - Fixed: Redesign option page, with dark grey backgound. All text must be readable now.
 - Fixed: Uniformate fonts between views.


A VERY BIIIIIIIG thank you to @eatkinola for his help and his work on his plugin! All the new features of this version are to his credit! ?

So! The new feature is about color(ful). Now, each platform has its color, pick to the video, and used in the texts, interface and rating stars.
Colors are populated in .config files that will be updated following the video release.
There is also a lot of little correction. I let you read the ChangeLog.

I will let you test this version some time to make up the bug. Once we are on a solid foundation, I will decline new views.


I hope you enjoy this theme. And again a HUGE thank you to all Patreon !!!!! ?


Update submitted to @Jason Carr for the theme manager.
And some screen :

Edited by viking
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Keep up the good work. Theme looks beautiful. It reminds me a lot of the "encyclopedia" type reference books that are popping up all over the place. My kid is really into those type of books (loves his Mario and Pokemon reference books) and think he'd appreciate this theme quite a bit. The ease of access this theme provides makes it ideal for me when letting people not as familiar with retro games and my collection play on my rig. I find it provides a lot of good information cleanly without a lot of fluff getting in the way to further confuse the already overwhelmed new user.

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59 minutes ago, ItchyRobot said:

Nice, I cant wait to try it out!
So, what is the correct way to update themes? I don't want to mess anything up... this will be my first time updating a theme.

You just download it from here and unzip it into the Themes folder. It overwrites what it needs to. If you download from within BigBox when it is available there, that is exactly what it will do automatically. 

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