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  1. Hi Hippyshake. That looks ok. All you need to do is click the blue bar under Associated Platform and type the name of the Platform for the Mame emulator. Then click OK.
  2. I just noticed an issue with the Games Details flyout/sidebar box and wonder if anyone else is getting it. IF a game has an entry in the Publisher field but nothing in the Developer field then the publisher is not shown in the details flyout/sidebar. Adding an entry to the Developer field fixes the issue. And when the Developer box is reset to empty the issue reappears. The reverse (Developer entry present but no Publisher) does not cause this issue. I'm using the official 4.7 build.
  3. Hi folks. LaunchBox site is back to normal for me. Also out of curiosity just downloaded the 4.7 setup. It took approx 5 seconds to download. By the way just noticed I'm an 8-bit processor heheh. The 8-bit games/computing era is my favourite!
  4. I've also had problems with the site on and off for a couple of days but they seem to have settled down now. Sometimes opening the site was very slow and an a few occasions I got the 500 Internal Server Error.
  5. spycat

    Zinc V1.1

    Hi whitoxx As far as I know, Zinc can't handle input from analog controllers. To use something like a PS/2 or XBox controller with Zinc you could use XPadder (or similar) to make a game profile to map the controller's buttons to Zinc's game keys. The LaunchBox Additional Apps feature can be used to open a profile before the game runs and to close the profile once you quit the game.
  6. spycat

    Zinc V1.1

    Hi whitoxx Zinc is command line based (no GUI), and a very odd command line it is. You should really run Zinc with a frontend designed for it. But it can be run within LaunchBox. Unlike other emulators which use the game's rom name in the command line, Zinc uses a game number to specify a game to load. Games are numbered from 1 to 71. Take the game Raystorm (US 2.06A) as an example. The rom is raystorm.zip and it's Zinc game number is 35. So to run it from the Zinc command line you need to use zinc.exe 35 Using zinc.exe raystorm.zip will not work. As you can see Zinc can't be used with the Use Emulator box ticked, since the ROM file (Emulation is enabled) box cannot point to a number. Instead with the Use Emulator box left empty, the Launcher tab entries can now be set as follows For the Application Path box just browse to the zinc executable. And for the Application Command-Line Parameters box just type in the game's number. If you want to use Zinc in LaunchBox Emulator mode with the Use Emulator box ticked and the rom name in the ROM file (Emulation is enabled) box, then you will need to write a batch file that will take the rom name and convert it to a number and then call zinc with the number as a parameter. Apart from the game number, the command line can handle other parameters if needed (see the text file that comes with Zinc).
  7. Hats off to Clive for all his hard work to enable LaunchBox to be used through Spanish. Here's hoping that this is the first of many language translations for it.
  8. Hi kamyk. Have you tried adding the extra discs as Additional Apps attached to the game's main (disc 1) entry? This way you have only 1 icon per game. Left click to run disc 1, right click to select and run one of the other discs. Also, your games count will now class a multi-disc game as 1 game. Each extra disc will need a separate Additional App. When adding discs as Additional Apps, the Autorun before/after boxes should be left empty.
  9. LaunchBox works fine with Mame, I've had no problems adding the emulator or games. Before LaunchBox, I used different frontends for console/home computer emulators and for Mame. Now I've got an all-in-one frontend plus PC games support. A feature that I miss and think might be welcomed by LaunchBox Mame users (also users of Kawaks and other arcade emulators) is support for AntoPisa's ProgettoEMMA. ProgettoEMMA is an information website for arcade games that can be integrated into a frontend. If a frontend is programmed to support it, ProgettoEMMA can show very detailed information for all your installed arcade games. This includes the History.Dat and MameInfo.Dat files. It also has lots of clickables, some games have a play demo video option. Images can be saved and text copied and pasted. ProgettoEMMA can be displayed in a scrollable window (could be switched in/out on the game details window maybe). It's a most reliable site, my old Mame frontend has been using it for just over 3 years (Feb 2012) with no issues. To really see ProgettoEMMA at work you would need a frontend that supports it. But you can just test it out by using the following example (it will be fullscreen, not in a window like when integrated into a frontend). http://progettoemma.net/gioco.php?lang=en&game=mslug The lang=en bit is optional, without it the game info shows in Italian, but just click the English icon. mslug is the rom name for the arcade game Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 By replacing the mslug bit you can see information for other games and this is how ProgettoEMMA works by displaying info for each game as you select it in the frontend's game thumbnails/boxart window. This image shows the original LaunchBox game details for the arcade game Bionic Commando. http://i60.tinypic.com/2j4r34g.jpg And this image is a mock-up of what ProgettoEmma might look like. http://i61.tinypic.com/2qa4s5y.jpg
  10. Working perfectly. Many thanks Jason.
  11. Hi SentaiBrad. The Additional Apps feature itself works perfectly, my problem is with the new Open Emulator menu option added in LBox 4.5. To try and isolate what might be an obscure issue at my end I temporarily renamed my LaunchBox folder, then created a new LaunchBox folder, installed version 4.5 and installed one test game - SkyBlazer (SNes). I then created an additional app for this game to allow a trained version to be run from the right-click menu. Every time the right-click menu is opened for the game a new instance of Open SNes9X is added. The same happens when a new installation of LaunchBox is created, this time installing one test game - Castle Quest (BBC Micro) and creating 2 Additional Apps to autorun the game's XPadder profile before the game and to close XPadder when the game is quit. I've made some png screen captures but unfortunately I don't know how to add them to my reply. So, in the example of SkyBlazer, the Additional App ROM File box points to the game to run, and the Use Emulator box is ticked. And each time that the game's boximage is right-clicked a new instance of Open SNes9X is added to the menu between the Open Game Folder and Open Images Folder options.
  12. I'm now using LaunchBox 4.5 and I've come across what might be an issue with the game boxart right-click menu. This menu now displays an option to allow you to open a game's emulator if it uses one. This new feature works fine until you right-click games that use Additional Apps. Whenever these games are right-clicked, the menu adds more instances of the Open emulator option and the menu keeps getting bigger and bigger, eventually exceeding the screen height. This is annoying, but fortunately not permanent. When you close LaunchBox and restart it then things are back to normal, at least until you start right-clicking again! Anyone else having this issue? By the way this underpriced piece of software has the potential to eventually be the leader in it's field. Have you given any thought to restoring the Donate button?
  13. Hi Jason, just a couple of requests for down the line. A feature to toggle the games launch window between boxart graphics and text fields view formats. I'm thinking of text fields along the lines of OpenEmu (Mac) and EmuCon/EmuLoader (Windows). From a programming aspect this may be a big ask possibly confined to the Premium edition. On a minor note: An option to enter and display release dates as either DD/MM/YYYY or just YYYY. Older platforms and some obscure games for not so old platforms often only have the year available. While these can be entered as say 01/01/YYYY it would be nice to be able to show just the year.
  14. This latest nightly is looking really good with the local metadata and images import features. However, when importing from the local metadata database, the data for the Notes Box is not imported if a user has already put some text in it. This can give the impression that the local database has no Note Box data for that game. For example if I have already made an entry like This is Part 2 of the XYX Trilogy, or This is a Windows mod of the original MS-DOS Quake game. I imagine this is to prevent a duplication of the Notes Box game notes from the local metadata database if it's used a 2nd time for a particular game. This is not a big issue as Note Box user entries can be just cut and pasted to a notepad file for re-pasting once the game overview metadata has been installed.
  15. 3.6 looks and works great. Just a minor issue. In the RAM Cache settings window, dragging the pointer no longer causes the Maximum RAM Usage reading to follow suit. But if you click OK to exit this window and then go back in, the value will have changed. So you can still alter the RAM cache, but it's no longer shown changing in real time as it was in version 3.5 of LaunchBox.
  16. Hi jason. I've been checking out the latest nightly with a selection of platforms and games added, and it works fine for me; no hangs, crashes etc. However, the Tools, Options, Backgrounds, Use Custom Image no longer allows an image to be set. Other than that, this build is looking really good. Nit-picking now: The Flip Box and Button Bar functions appear to share the same key combo of Ctrl+B.
  17. Yes, I'd spotted the typo, but forgot to mention it in my last post. My problem all along was the ampersand symbol used on my computer's user account profile, which the batch file didn't like. I've now renamed my user account profile. The batch fix now works fine irrespective of where my N64 roms are. Many thanks for your help and patience bd000.
  18. This batch file works the same as the first. The game runs when the rom is in the C:\Program Files area, but fails when the rom is in the Documents area. Here is the cmd window return for the unsuccessful run. It seems that there's an issue with the & symbol in the username folder of the rom's path. Two extra spaces appear between the word Annette and the & symbol when the quotes are stripped. C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6>cd /d "c:/program files/project64 1.6" C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6>set string="C:\Users\Annette & Paddy\Documents\Emulation\Project64\UserData\Roms\Doom 64 (E) [!].z64" C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6>set string=C:\Users\Annette & Paddy\Documents\Emulation\Project64\UserData\Roms\Doom 64 (E) [!].z64 The system cannot find the path specified. C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6>start "" project64.exe C:\Users\Annette C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6>pause Press any key to continue . . . Perhaps if I'd used and instead of & when setting up the account and profile I wouldn't be having this problem. Edit: For some reason the 2 extra spaces do not show up in the posted text above.
  19. Hi bd000 I adapted your code to suit the location of my Project64.exe which is C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6 I should mention here that my N64 roms are in my Documents area. C:\Users\my account name here\Documents\Emulation\Project64\UserData\Roms\ Launching a test game returned the Attempt to open file failed error. I then put the test rom in my Project64.exe folder, and this time the game launched perfectly. The game also launches if it's placed in a sub-folder of Project64 1.6 for example Project64 1.6\Roms Indeed, it will launch even when placed in a different app's folder. So it seems the batch file launcher requires that the game roms be in the C:\Program Files area. I prefer to keep them in my Documents area. Project64 itself permits this. Also my previous frontend had no problems with this - but I prefer LaunchBox. I don't know enough about batch files to expand the batch launcher to work with my setup. I'm not sure if it's even an issue with the batch file or something else. By the way, many thanks for adding my few suggestions to the Emulators Settings list.
  20. spycat


    Here is an alternative to the batch file launcher for Project64 1.6, if you can't get that to work for you. Project64 Launcher by Scott Rice (aka "Meris" on Steam Communities). This resolves the quotes issue and can handle situations where Project64.exe and the game roms are in different locations on your PC. The direct download link (posted by "Meris" on Steam Communities) is https://github.com/scottrice/Steam-Emulator-Launchers/raw/master/Windows/Project64/Project64-launcher.exe See also https://github.com/scottrice/Steam-Emulator-Launchers and http://steamcommunity.com/groups/IceRM/discussions/0/648814844716848346/ Put Project64-launcher.exe in the same folder as Project64.exe and set the Emulator Application Path to it. If Project64.exe is in your C:\Program Files area, then before moving this file there you may need to Unblock it. Otherwise it may ask permission to run every time you start a game. The Emulator Parameters box needs no rom file tag and can be left empty. You will most likely have set optional parameters (start in fullscreen etc.) within Project64 itself. You can now add games via the Rom File (Emulation is enabled) browser box. If you use Project64's ALT+F4 method to quit a game, then you will only exit Project64. The launcher script will be only paused and you will see it's little icon in your tray. Running a game again will open a new script. With the launcher controlling Project64, you should use the Escape key to quit a game. This closes the launcher which closes Project64. NOTE: If you're wary about using this EXE file you can always run Project64 as an application.
  21. You need to open the Edit window for the game you want to add extra discs to. Click on Additional Apps. Click on Add Application. Application Name box: Put in something like Disc 2, or Resident Evil: Disc 2 or whatever you prefer. Rom File: Browse to the disc image to be added. Tick the Use Emulator box. Leave the Auto Run Before/After Main App boxes empty. You might get stuck in a loop. Now when you right-click the game's Boxart image you will see the new disc added. When you finish playing a disc and do a memory card save, you can exit the game and then right-click to run the next disc.
  22. I've given up on getting the batch file fix to run N64 games with Project64 1.6 in emulator mode. Launching it as an application works fine. The path to the Project64 executable goes in the Application Path box. The path to the game rom goes in the Application Command-Line Parameters box. You must supply the full rom path and rom name including extension. For example, the Doom 64 game entries for my computer's folders setup are as follows. You will need to edit them for your setup. Application Path box: C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Project64.exe Application Command-Line Parameters box: C:\Users\My user account name here\Documents\Emulation\Project64\UserData\Roms\Doom 64.zip Handy tip. If you have many games to add, to save a lot of typing, make a text file of the two paths. Example text file using my paths: C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Project64.exe C:\Users\My user account name here\Documents\Emulation\Project64\UserData\Roms\ Then for each game you want to add you can just copy and paste each path to it's box in LaunchBox. The text entry for the Application Command-Line Parameters box ends with \ You then just have to type in the rom's name and extension.
  23. Hi realbout WinKawaks will not work in LaunchBox if you use the Emulator tab method. You need to treat WinKawaks as an application. To add a game: Select the Launcher tab. Set the path to the WinKawaks executable in the Application Path box. Put the game's name in the Application Command-Line Parameters box.
  24. Oops! Just noticed a typo in my Emulators Command Line Parameters post above. The parameters for the 4D0 emulator should read -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile I had originally placed an incorrect space between the - and the StartLoadFile entry. Posting this as there doesn't appear to be a previous post edit function.
  25. Hi ps4isthefuture. I never used Nebula and haven't used WinKawaks in yonks so I can really only speak for Mame. I use LaunchBox for my Mame games which include many NeoGeo and CPS1/2 titles and I have no problems. The only Mame issue I've had with LaunchBox was with the so-called romless games, where the game's name is actually the folder containing the CHD file. Mame runs these ok, but LaunchBox returns an error if you try to launch a folder. I use the dummy zip rom fix to get LaunchBox to launch these romless games. The following might be your problem with trying to run your NeoGeo and CPS1/2 games under Mame. I've noticed that there can be differences between some of these NeoGeo/CPS1/CPS2 "official" roms and their Mame equivalents, For example Progear (USA 010117) "official" CPS/2 rom has 2 extra objects that are missing from the Progear (USA 010117) Mame rom. Mame will run the "official" CPS/2 version as it contains everything Mame needs for this game. However, the NeoGeo "official" of Metal Slug 3 (NGM-2560) will not run on Mame as it's internals differ from the Mame Metal Slug 3 (NGM-2560) version. If you want to use Mame for NeoGeo and CPS1/2 gaming you should use Mame versions of the roms. Sorry for not being of more help to you. Best of luck with Kawaks & Nebula issues.
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